Tuesday, November 28

The police arrest La Diabla, the most wanted fugitive in Spain

Wore almost a year on the run from Spain, since he escaped from a police operation against the exploitation of women in Aragon, Asturias and Catalonia. La Diabla or Donatella, the nicknames what do you use Leudis Isaac Corro Camacho, She ran away at the end of 2020 with her then boyfriend a former german policeman. A joint operation by the Spanish and German police has allowed her to be located and detained last night in the city of Hamburg, according to what OPEN CASE has learned from sources in the investigation.

La Diabla had become Spain’s most wanted fugitive next to the assassin of Alcásser Antonio Anglés and the drug dealer Norbert Kohler, and had been on the list of Europol’s most wanted criminals.

Corro Camacho is accused of the crimes of human trafficking, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization. Earlier in the month his ex-boyfriend, the ex-german cop, but she was no longer with him.

Investigations of the Fugitive Location Unit of the National Police soon pointed to two countries as possible hiding places for Donatella or La Diabla: Latvia and Germany. In the first country, she had her last boyfriend, an exprofessional ice hockey player. In the second, Germany, his women trafficking business had some ramifications. It is there that she has just been arrested thanks to the collaboration of the BKA (German police).

Without breasts, yes there is paradise

Before escaping from Spain, Donatella captured women and transsexuals in their country, Venezuela. He promised them a job in Spain. Then he made them have surgery to increase the breast and forced them to submit to liposuction because, he told them, “the Spanish don’t want them fat.”

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From that moment, La Diabla, who had taken the nickname of a character in the series “Without breasts there is paradise”, Colombian adaptation of the series “Without boobs there is no paradise”, assured his victims that they already owed him 12,000 euros each, an amount that was increasing with different systems of sanctions and fines.

The women were then locked up in flats of Oviedo and Barcelona, where they were forced to prostitute themselves. They were also sent during some seasons to Germany, where they were also exploited. When they stopped being profitable for the mafia network, they were “sold” to a hostess club located on the outskirts of Caspe (Zaragoza).

In October 2020, one of the young women, who then I was 18 years old and pregnant, was beaten up and went to the hospital. In Asturias, another woman managed to escape from the apartment where she was locked up and denounced the criminal organization. The police and the Civil Guard then began a joint operation to dismantle the group, which has now been definitively concluded.


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