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The Police clarify the crime of a man and discover his car jammed in a house in Pinoso

The National Police discover the scrapped car in a walled cave in a house in Pinoso.

The National Police discover the scrapped car in a walled cave in a house in Pinoso.

Agents of the National Police of Yecla and Murcia they have clarified a crime committed a year ago and arrested the three alleged perpetrators. The victim, a 35-year-old, JAM aka «El Rosao», disappeared in the town of Moratalla on June 19, 2019. The investigators followed the trail of the detainees in different operations, within the framework of the fight against the drug traffic, and were able to find out that they could also be involved in the disappearance and death of the 35-year-old. This information led to the establishment of a police macro-operation last weekend, around an address where the National Police believed that some clue could be found on the whereabouts of the missing.

One of the detainees leads the agents to the place where they buried the body in a remote area of ​​the Sierra de Raspay. INFORMATION

Investigators followed the good lead. It was about vehicle that directly implicated the detainees in the disappearance. The owner of the single-family home located in the urban area of Pinoso he had allegedly collaborated with the alleged perpetrators of the homicide by scrapping the vehicle and hiding it between the walls of his own home. In fact, the agents discovered a kind of walled cave with a brick wall to which the Technical Intervention Operational Group had to access with a small crane.

The pieces of the Audi in the living room of the house after being extracted from the cave by the National Police. INFORMATION

Researchers from the Murcia and Yecla Judicial Police Brigade have worked together with specialists from the Behavior Analysis Section (SAC) of the Judicial Police General Commissariat. In this way they succeeded in getting those arrested to finally reveal the exact location of the corpse. They had buried him wrapped in plastic in a wooded and difficult-to-access area located in the Raspay mountain range, within the municipality of Yecla but very close to the Alicante town of Pinoso.

The judicial commission during the process of recovering the corpse after dark in the Sierra de Raspay. INFORMATION

Investigations have so far led eight arrests, those of the three alleged perpetrators and co-perpetrators and also that of two accessories, who are also accused of crimes for drug trafficking, attacks on sexual freedom and illegal possession of weapons, among others. However, the operation is still open and more arrests are not ruled out this week. At the moment three of the detainees have entered preventive prison for his alleged relationship with him crime.

The remains of the car inside the cave as the agents found them in Pinoso’s house. INFORMATION

The mayor of Pinoso, Lazaro Azorin, has highlighted the coordination that has occurred between the Yecla National Police, the Judicial Police and the Pinoso Local Police. In any case, Azorín asks that the information on this operation be treated in a respectful way, “especially with the families of these people in mind”, and also taking into account that it is a case that is still in progress. Investigation process.

The truck in which the pieces of the car were transported after extracting them from Pinoso’s house.

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