Thursday, August 18

The police confirm the close relationship between Déborah and the author of her death

This was evidenced by two police officers who gave a statement yesterday. One was the investigator who initiated the procedure in 2002, when Déborah’s body was found in a ditch after ten days missing, and another was the police officer who led the exhaustive investigation in 2009 and 2010 – known as Arcane Operation-, which supported the theory of false leads at the crime scene as well as the hypothesis that the culprit was someone “closely related” to the young woman.

“The statement gives voice to the last person who was with Déborah”

Ramón Pérez Amoedo – Lawyer for Déborah’s family


Both witnesses ratified their investigations, especially the latter because of its relevance to the future of the case. And the fact is that the investigation was blinding until the agents of the UDEV of Madrid took the reins of the case in 2009 and decided not to trust appearances: the “apparent” was that who had killed Déborah would have to be “necessarily” the man to whom the DNA of the semen that was found in the young woman’s body belongs, but what if that was actually a “plot” to mislead? Thus, in this transcendental report up to four hypotheses are shelled.

The one that points as most likely is that the author of the death was someone “closely related” to her, with which the young woman goes to her home. Death occurs with her still dressed, although she removes her clothes, fearing that biological traces remain that would incriminate him.

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Later he hides the corpse for days in a closed place at a low temperature, perhaps a freezer chest. And finally, whoever killed her ended up depositing the body in O Rosal, a place far from Vigo but with the intention that it be discovered. Of the body and hair of the young woman Up to 21 fibers of various colors were extracted, belonging to a blanket or carpet with which it was transferred and a green silk cord. The rest of the items that were collected – the semen, the condom and a handkerchief – were nothing more than red herrings to mislead the investigations.

Along with these two testimony stands out a third also of vital importance and that unlike what happens in these cases, declared yesterday in court for the first time: the last known person who spoke and saw her cousin Déborah alive. He was walking with her on the afternoon of April 30, 2002, the day of her disappearance, until they said goodbye at around 8:30 p.m. The family’s lawyers highlighted the importance of this testimony mainly because he was also the first person to call the main suspect the next day thinking that Déborah would meet him. “It is a joke that the last person who saw her alive is summoned to testify 19 years later. She has been in direct contact with the Police and with this we want many things to be recorded in the judicial case that are not recorded by the police ”, he emphasizes. Rosa Fernandez-Cervera, Déborah’s sister.

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Key due diligence

For adults, this past September 30, a second inspection of the vehicle that was used by the young woman’s ex-boyfriend took place by specialized experts from the National Police. This diligence took place in a car park since it was not possible to remove it from it for transfer to a laboratory. Literally nothing was obtained from the first review, since, as Fernández-Cervera explains, it was “completely clean”. The practice of this diligence seeks to know if Déborah’s body could be transported in the vehicle of which a witness highlighted its bad smell in its day. The owner justified it by saying that he had a box of prawns inside, but the doubt was already planted.

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