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The police dismantle an illegal bar that organized poker gambles and hookahs for minors in Malaga | Spain

Announcement of poker gambles distributed on social networks by the Narcos Tetería.
Announcement of poker gambles distributed on social networks by the Narcos Tetería.

“Tomorrow, poker game. Whoever wants to come talk to me. The entrance to 10 euros ”. “We open at 8.30pm and close at 11.30am. All shishas [cachimbas o pipas de agua] today at seven euros ”. With these messages, a clandestine place in Malaga called Tetería Narcos was announced on social networks. Inside, illegal gambling gambles were held with cash bets and a hookah service was offered to smoke throughout the night. Most of the clients were minors, as verified by the Malaga Local Police, which dismantled the premises after agents specialized in tracking on social networks and open internet sources managed to locate the premises and, later, learn about its operation. with surveillance on the ground.

It was the members of the Group of Investigation and Protection (GIP) of the Local Police of Malaga who found images and videos where the person in charge of the illegal enclosure announced the poker games and the prices. The location was not made public, but the police managed to find the site in the Palma-Palmilla neighborhood. They traveled there to monitor the environment and find out who was accessing the establishment. Mainly they were young people who, to enter, had to notify via mobile phone so that they would be opened from the inside, where the night timbas were taking place without attending to preventive measures against the coronavirus and where the consumption of tobacco and the use of hookahs was common.

With all the information on the table, on Sunday, October 10, a group of uniformed agents along with other plainclothes officers entered the premises to inspect its interior. There they found 13 young people between the ages of 15 and 23, of which 10 were minors. All were participating in a game of poker with cash bets and one of them carried a three-inch-blade razor and the other an extendable weapon. All were denounced for not wearing a mask or maintaining a safety distance. The Local Police then sent a report of the events to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and also informed the parents of the children by letter.

According to the information provided by the Local Police, the person in charge of the Narcos Tetería is a 23-year-old young man who assured that the establishment was an old bar, owned by his grandfather, which was closed years ago. The man has been sanctioned, among other reasons, for lacking documentation for the use of hookahs, the lack of permission to install a slot machine and possession of narcotic substances, since he was carrying marijuana. In addition, the policemen intervened two briefcases with chips and poker decks, as well as 90 euros, a figure obtained by the organizer when collecting the entrance to the gambling venues. Finally, the place was evicted and sealed.

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