Tuesday, August 16

The Police prepares a great deployment before an anarcho-pro-ETA protest

The current atmosphere in Madrid is very hot. The barricades in bottles of thousands of people, in which the most active are young Spanish university students (but also adolescents) who they have taken to the mountains attacking the Police, has the authorities quite concerned. More, taking into account this ‘return to normality’ due to the decline in the pandemic. Also, for the ‘pique’ with other cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Seville and Zaragoza, to see who mounts the biggest brawl.

National Police
and the Municipal Government have been throwing the rest all this time, with the adjusted templates they have, to stop this escalation of gratuitous youth violence. And now they come across this. The Provincial Information Brigade is already working on the investigation of the call for next Saturday, at seven in the afternoon, and that It will go through Calle de Atocha, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente and is expected to end in Tirso de Molina. An area, a day and an hour in which the center of Madrid, the vicinity of Puerta del Sol, is abuzz with people. As is usual, among many other inquiries, the social networks through which these radical groups communicate are being monitored; although, police sources warn, “that may be a symptom, but until the day before it may not be known the scope that the call may have”: “There are some that are expected to be very crowded and in the end they click. Not everyone who ‘likes’ a publication is the next ”.

Squatting center in Delicias

What is known is that the main organizers are using as a meeting point prior to the protest a new squatted center, called La Ferroviaria, between Santa María de la Cabeza and the old Delicias train station. What’s more, have released a video, to which ABC has had access, totally ‘corrosive’ against the Security Forces (including testimonies from ETA members before the National Court denouncing false torture in dungeons, a very common ruse among terrorists and which is now spreading to the radicals who burn the streets of cities like Madrid).

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About 500 riot police

The political leaders of security and the police are aware of what is being prepared for Saturday, specify the different sources with which ABC has contacted. Whether or not the manifestation is communicated, “a maximum device” is envisaged. Our informants, in the absence of the meeting where the total number of troops is specified, already speak of between 12 and 14 groups of the Police Intervention Units (IPU) or anti-riot units, taking into account that they are not one hundred percent of staff (Each group should be made up of 50 agents, but now they are between 35-37), it would be around half a thousand uniformed men from these units that will shield the center. Information agents, Prevention and Reaction Units (UPR), district support and Municipal Police, among others, must be added to them.

The ‘objective’ of this return to the streets of the most radical left is to end the immigration laws, that of Parties, that of Demonstration, the ‘gag’ and that of Criminal Procedure; also, “all the articles of the Penal Code that refer to freedom of expression”, “anti-terrorist pacts”, “the dissolution of the National Court”, and the “suppression of the crime of attack on a law enforcement officer, as well as the presumption of veracity of the police version.”


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