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The Police seizes 4 tons of “maría” and 25,000 plants in the state of alarm in Alicante

The bulk of these plantations are indoor crops enabled in all types of buildings, from squatted homes to luxury villas for which high rents are paid. The Police have also dismantled plantations in industrial warehouses or restaurant buildings or other businesses that ceased their activity during the pandemic and that were used by those arrested to install large marijuana plantations.

According to the Police, the lack of employment and the increase in unoccupied time has caused an increase in the demand for the consumption of narcotic substances, especially marijuana, and this situation has caused industrial buildings to engage in legal activities, such as the manufacture of footwear in elda, ceased their activity due to losses and were converted into greenhouses for hundreds of marijuana plants.

This phenomenon has also occurred in the real estate sector, where many rentals have been lost during the state of alarm and the households have been destined to the cultivation of marijuana. People who changed their work activity to this illegal activity used delivery methods that mimicked those of legal businesses, carrying backpacks with the same anagrams with the intention of avoiding police action.

Over time the indoor plantations They have become more sophisticated, irrigation systems and artificial lighting have been improved, achieving an increase in the illicit benefits provided by this drug by achieving better crop yields, both in the number of plants per square meter and in the number of crops. that are given annually, also improving the seeds and fertilizers used, allowing uninterrupted harvest cycles.

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To maintain this infrastructure, a high power consumption For this reason, in most cases the detainees had illegally connected to the electricity supply, with the risk that this entails for neighbors and cohabitants in the event that the plantation is located in a residential building. In this way, several of the crops were discovered after a fire broke out in the apartment due to illegal electricity connections.

The National Police has counted in these operations with the collaboration of electricity supply companies, not only in the detection of voltage peaks or deviations of the same, which in many cases indicates to researchers that undoubtedly they are facing this type of plantations, but also to, once the operation is concluded, restore the supply and eliminate illegal hitches to end the risk of fire.

Citizen collaboration has also been important in the Police fight against marijuana cultivation. In many cases the alarm has come from citizens alerted by the strong smell or noise of the extractors and air conditioners that operate 24 hours a day.

Among the actions, the Police also highlights seven interventions in cannabis associations of Alicante, Benidorm and Dénia, which were engaged in drug trafficking under the guise of private marijuana smoking clubs.

The National Police assures that no means are spared, neither in personnel nor in resources to develop this work against drug trafficking, even using aerial means, thermal cameras that detect heat sources and new data analysis investigation techniques that are added and combined with lifelong police operations, giving so good results.

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According to Provincial Police Station of Alicante, the detainees are Spanish, from different European countries and even Chinese. Many of them are part of criminal organizations that grow marijuana in Spain and then distribute it to third countries, using trucks, vehicles or even by postal or parcel services.

Latest cases of marijuana plantations discovered in Alicante

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