Monday, February 22

The police unions demand that Marlaska defend them against the attacks of Podemos




“What one of the parties that are part of the Government encourages, supports and stands in solidarity with those who are leading riots in Madrid and in other cities of our country, whatever the reason for them, it is scandalous. Messages that instigate those who exercise violence cannot have a place in our democratic system Because, once these incidents are unleashed, those who suffer and pay for them are the citizens, who see their properties being razed by street terrorism, by mobs of uncontrolled who seek, from the minority, to restrict the peace and coexistence of the immense most”. This is the posture of the Unified Police Union (SUP), made public in a statement in which it also made a «new appeal to the Minister of the Interior to demand a rectification of Mr. Echenique and a closed defense of the work of the UIP and the UPR in all Spain ».

The Professional Police Union (SPP), majority in the command scale, has spoken in the same terms and misses the “express support of the Minister of the Interior and the demand of responsibility that the Prime Minister should make to the rest of the cabinet members. It is the first time that a violent action, aimed at provoking police intervention, has not been criticized by the Government of the nation as a whole.

The Security Forces are fed up with the attacks and do not understand the silence of Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, even though the Ministry of the Interior shares the satiety with those of Pablo Iglesias in private. They want a public defense of their actions and demand that Pedro Sánchez control the members of his government.

“These violent people – adds the SUP – freedom of expression does not matter to them; Any excuse is good to do the only thing they know how to do, which is to destroy everything in their path. They do not defend rights, they trample them. Y those who cheer and cheer them on on social networks, such as some prominent spokesperson for a party that is part of the Government, show their true face, that of those who find their electoral breeding ground in the confrontation. If these incidents continue and are serious, we demand that the Prosecutor’s Office analyze messages such as that of Pablo Echenique, in case any criminal liability could arise from them. “

For its part, for the SPP “the fact of being able to demonstrate is legitimate, but it is also legitimate for national police officers to comply with the mandate conferred by the rule of law through the provisions of the Constitution and other laws. To come that mandate of national sovereignty, National police officers deserve to be respected and supported by State institutions, especially the Government of the nation.

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