Thursday, March 4

The Polisario asks Spain for help to demand that Morocco respect the law

Two men raise a flag of the Polisario Front.

Two men raise a flag of the Polisario Front.

The representative for Spain of the Polisario Front, Abdulah Arabi, has requested this Thursday “political aid” to the Spanish and Canary governments to “demand compliance with international law and, above all, respect for human rights” from Morocco.

“In the last 29 years we have opted for the peaceful way as a solution,” he reviewed the representative this Thursday during the inauguration of the exhibition “Ten years of Gdeim Izik. The camp of dignity” at the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

“The best way to comply with the decolonization process of Western Sahara it’s the referendum. For this, the United Nations mission for a referendum in Western Sahara was created but, far from carrying out its mission, it has become a guarantor to perpetuate the illegal occupation of the country and guarantee Morocco the illegal looting of natural resources, “he said.

Arabi has denounced “the inaction of the international community in the face of this fact”, since it considers that this has helped to “perpetuate the illegal occupation and has condemned the Saharawi people to a refuge or exile sine die”.

In addition, he added, “en the last three months Morocco has tried to attack the Saharawi people and has broken the ceasefireTherefore, we find ourselves in a war situation “which” will go on to another phrase of direct confrontation in the coming months, when Morocco will have no choice but to accept that there is a war in the Sahara. ”

“A few kilometers from the Canary Islands there are atrocious violations of human rights by the Moroccan occupation authorities. The Saharawi population is being repressed, besieged and persecuted in their own homes to avoid the right to demonstrate.“, has assured.

Likewise, has described Morocco as “a dictatorship of the XXI century, one of the worst and, therefore, the term autonomy does not fit” that Rabat has offered to the Saharawi people to resolve the conflict.

Therefore, the Polisario Front has asked this Thursday that “they help them politically to convey to the Government of the Canary Islands and that of the nation that within the framework of the relations it has with Morocco, it requires compliance with international law and, above all, respect for Human Rights “.

We do not understand that in today’s world Human Rights are subordinated to the pursuit of economic interests, which is what is happening in bilateral relations between Morocco and Spain ”, has opined.

Asked about the recognition by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, Arabi explained that, after the proclamation of the new president, Joe Biden, the Polisario has asked “that the new administration reverse that proclamation”, before which they are “hopeful but cautious.”

Regarding the Migratory phenomenon that the Canary Islands are currently experiencing, Arabi has considered that it is a “worrying” situation and has considered that “Morocco uses these phenomena, not only immigration but others, as elements of pressure and blackmail to condition at all times the positioning of some governments, but mainly that of Spain.”

“Spain, which continues to be the administering power, It cannot contradict international law, however important the economic interest and bilateral relations between the two countries may be.. We must find a solution, which also involves demanding that Morocco comply with its cooperation agreements with the European Union “, he pointed out.

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