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The Pope “concerned” about protests in Ecuador, asks for dialogue and respect for institutions

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The Pope Francisco, who yesterday stopped the popemobile to kiss a Ukrainian flag, denounced this Sunday at the Angelus that in this country “the bombings continue, causing death, destruction and suffering to the population. PleaseOr forget this war-stricken townneither in our hearts nor in our prayers.”

In addition, the pontiff assures that he is «concerned» for the situation in Ecuador. “I encourage all parties to abandon violence and extreme positionsyes Let us learn: only through dialogue it will be possible to find, I hope soon, the social peacewith special attention to marginalized populations and to the poorestbut always respecting the rights of all and the institutions of the country».

The two weeks of protests in Ecuador, led by indigenous leaders, have already left at least 5 dead and about 200 injured. For the government it is a coup, although the leaders of the protests deny it. This Saturday the president of the national assembly summoned all the parties in a dialogue table hoping to find a solution.

Embittered Christians, “if they don’t hear applause”

In his brief homily, the Pope invited Catholics to be “disciples of Jesus seriouslyeither, with real determination, and not – as an old woman I knew used to say – “Christians with rose water”. She assured that it is shown especially “when, although let’s do goodperhaps with sacrifice, instead of a welcome we found a closed door». It is time to ask yourself ifwe seek confirmation in the applause and when we don’t listen to them we finish bitter and resentful. How many times, more or less consciously, do we seek applause, approval of others?”.

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To help cultivate freedom, he has proposed unmask double intentionssince «sometimes we think that our fervor is due to a feeling of righteousness for a good causeabut actually most of the times is nothing but pridecombined with weakness, susceptibility and impatience. So let us ask Jesus for the strength to be like him, to follow him firmly on this path of service », he concluded.

In Saint Peter’s Square there were hundreds of families who wanted to say goodbye to the Pope, since they have been in Rome since Wednesday to participate in the
World Meeting of Families

Pope Francis had planned to celebrate a mass for them this Saturday at the last minute, but knee problems forced him to limit himself to going around the square with the popemobile, attending the ceremony in the front row and delivering the closing homily.

In a call to educate children in freedom, the Pope addressed those who “they fear that the children will not be able to orient themselves in the complexity and confusion of our societies, where everything seems chaotic and precarious, and in the end they lose their way. Francis lamented that “this fear makes some parents anxiousto others overprotectivesand sometimes ends up even preventing the desire to bring new life into the world».

As an alternative, he proposed that families “consider how to act in God who loves the youngyes, but not for that preserves of all the dangers, challenges and sufferings. He is not anxious or overprotective; on the contrary, he trusts them and calls each one to the lofty meaning of life and mission».

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According to the pontiff, the key is “not trying to save children from any discomfort and suffering, but trying to transmit the passion for lifeto ignite in them the desire that they find their vocation and that they embrace the great mission that God has thought for them».

Francisco joked and recalled that an Italian mother told him that she did not know what to do to make her almost 40-year-old son decide to marry. «Stop ironing his shirts and you’ll see how fast he goes», advised the Pope.

In addition, in a more serious tone, he asked fathers and mothers that when “the difficult moments of your children’s marriage arrive, No accept that take the easy way and say, ‘I’m going back to my parents’. Nerd”.

The Pope had previously toured the st peter’s square with the popemobile, which stopped every few meters so that he could bless the babies who approached him from the first rows. The Pope also asked that they bring him a Ukrainian flag to kiss it.

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