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The Pope confirms his visit to Iraq, which suffers a new rocket attack against a base with US troops


Francisco I will travel to the country this Friday, where a contractor of the foreign forces died of a heart attack as a result of the salvo of missiles of Iranian origin.

Pope Francis is my
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Pope Francis confirmed this Wednesday that going to Iraq despite the complex situation in the country, engulfed in a new escalation of tension between the pro-Iraqi militias and the United States, the multiplication of protests against corruption that are registered in several South Korean cities and the rise of the Covid19 pandemic. “This Friday I will travel to Iraq for a three-day pilgrimage. I have long wanted to meet this people who have suffered so much. and to this martyr Church. In the land of Abraham we will take another step towards the brotherhood of believers together with other religious leaders, “said the highest religious authority of Catholicism after attending an audience at the Vatican.” I ask you to accompany this trip with your prayers. The Iraqi people are waiting for us, they waited for John Paul II, who was forbidden to go. They cannot be disappointed a second time. “added the religious leader.

The Pontiff was referring to the aborted trip of John Paul II in 2000, when he also wanted to travel to the ruins of Ur, Abraham’s hometown, located in the south of the country, which is within the itinerary of the papal journey in this country. occasion next to Baghdad, Najaf, Qaraqosh, Mosul and Erbil. That journey was frustrated the last minute refusal of dictator Saddam Hussein.

Francisco’s words are produced just on the same day in which there has been an umpteenth attack against a military base where they are deployed troops from the United States and also from Spain, in the west of the country.

According to local media, a dozen missiles fell on the Ain al Assad complex, located in the Anbar province, hitting the section that houses the US soldiers and their drone fleets.

A contractor died as a result of a heart attack, said the AFP agency, which identified the projectiles as the origen iran, habitual in the arsenal of the militias related to Tehern that act in Iraq.

The United States maintains about 2,500 military personnel in Iraq within an international coalition aimed at continuing to harass the Islamic State and train the local army. Seventy Spanish soldiers are housed in the same Ain al Assad base, although none suffered damage, according to the Ministry of Defense in Madrid.

Iraq has become the scene where Washington and Tehern settle their differences since 2019. Its territory has witnessed an uncountable number of missile attacks similar to the one that occurred this Wednesday and bombardeos areos of the American aviation against militia positions such as Hizbul or Hach al-Shaabi, sponsored by Iran.

The underground confrontation reached its climax on January 3, 2020 when then-President Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleiman, mastermind of the entire Iranian military network established in Iraq, and one of the main positions of Hach al-Shaabi. Iran responded with a ballistic missile attack on two American bases in Iraq that nearly sparked open conflict between the two armies.

This latest incident confirms the spiral that both parties maintain after the new US president, Joe Biden, ordered the bombing of a contingent from Hizbul and another pro-Iran paramilitary group on February 26, killing at least one militiaman.

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