Tuesday, April 20

The Pope regrets the decisions that ignore the people in the Church and politics

The Pope has thanked the more than one hundred thousand videos that came to him for his eighth anniversary as Supreme Pontiff within the framework of an initiative promoted by an Argentine group called Generación Francisco (GF), while regretting that decisions are made in the Church and in politics without taking the people into account.

When the authorities do not consult the people, even for important and disputed laws regarding morality, the people are the great absentee “, the Pope pointed out in his message of thanks for the greetings received.

In the message, which was published by the Argentine group, but on which the Vatican did not comment on anything official, Francis has claimed “the voice of the sovereign people” after lamenting the “times” in which it is customary to make decisions “without consulting the people, some of them transcendent”. “You are never wrong if you consult the people,” said the Pope after congratulating the ‘Holy Easter’.

The Pope also thanked the work of this organization, which aims to spread the word, actions and gestures of the Pontiff: “In some way, they follow the things that I do, they do not insult me, they do not speak ill of me and they use what I say for good. ”

Absent at mass

The cardinal John the Baptist King has asked for one “great choral prayer” to put an end to the pandemic at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, which he presided over on the afternoon of Holy Thursday in the Vatican Basilica in place of the Pope, who was not present at the celebration.

In the morning, the 84-year-old Francis celebrated the Chrism Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica with which he began the liturgical celebrations of Holy Week, but he was absent from this celebration. The Vatican has not given any explanation, but some Italian media have pointed out that the Pontiff, who has suffered from recent attacks of sciatica that have forced him to suspend his agenda, would have delegated this celebration to the dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, advised by your medical team. The Pope has to preside over an intense liturgical agenda in the next few days that will culminate with Mass on Easter Sunday.

Due to sanitary precautions, The rite of washing feet and the procession of offerings have been suppressed from the celebration. In previous years, the Pope has celebrated this Eucharist in private with a group of vulnerable people, mainly in prisons, hospitals and in some residence.

In his homily, Cardinal Re has invited everyone to pray in their own homes to ask for the necessary strength to “face the great challenges of the pandemic that has left victims all over the planet” and has asked to raise “a great choral prayer for the hand of God” come the end of the pandemic. “We have experienced how a small virus has brought the whole world to its knees,” he concluded.


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