Saturday, November 27

The popular bullfight – Information

Díaz Ayuso masters the art of simple improvisation previously advised, but he also has someone to write for him. Take out the paper and read fatuous speeches. What is “crystal clear” is a trend among the popular. Recall the emphasis of Rajoy O Cospedal repeating that over and over again. Thanks to Ayuso we have just learned that “Madrid is Spain”. We know well his recipes, which are those of the Popular Party in short, and his love for the real freedom of a few, who cut and prick, and for the tainted and beaten freedom of the majority. They don’t want me to prick or cut. Yes you swallow with your own consent. The saying “Tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you lack” defines Ayuso’s disposition, Egea and company.

The conclusion is easy. «Socialism or freedom. Sánchez or married”. Precisely now that neoliberalism in the world with its old orthodoxies about employment, wages and austerity is being questioned. Because it is necessary to counter financial elites in order for progress to be as balanced as possible. This is the task of a progressive government, which must rebuild and awaken hope, as already stated in a previous article. Look at the electoral success of the long-standing Social Democratic Party of Germany, which gives impetus to the family of social democracy in the EU, in favor of the social recovery and the green transformation of the economy, which is needed.

With a suit of lights, hood, cape, crutch and rapier, the «savior of Spain», Pablo Casado, threw himself into the ring of the bullring of Valencia, in the last act of the convention, defending Spain from its interests to the old fashioned way, disguised as freedom and with that veneer of Christian humanism that cuts the pope’s sleeves Francisco, whom they should respect so as not to contribute to them saying, as some media subject proclaims, that he is “the representative of the devil on Earth.”

Married torea and the bull Sarkocy He empitises him, condemned again for corruption, after the right-hander praised the “good examples” he made in France. The bullfighter is a defender of the “culture of life”, consisting of the unfair distribution of wealth, and of liberal feminism. That is, the private initiative of women in the economic sphere without the intervention of the State, unlike feminism itself, which is a movement of social and political construction. In this lie the “governments of freedom” of a PP in the arms, in addition, of Vox. Married, by himself, he plans to catch Puigdemont one ear and leave it at the feet of the Supreme Court.

The cultural battle goes through education. Children are the property (misunderstood) of their parents and must be trained so that they do not get out of the fold of “voting well”, to the reactionary right, according to the illustrious Vargas Llosa. Casado exhibits the sword and finishes off the job of the Nobel Prize winner. Lower taxes, for the benefit of the most powerful, and privatize any public company. The former Valencian president, CampsHe waved his white handkerchief in the square with that same joy as when corruption rode among front-line members of his group.

In front of us we have a Pedro Sánchez who did not reconcile sleep well because he could not unblock the negotiations on the general accounts of the State and add points so that he not only adds them Yolanda Diaz, the best valued political leader with her profile of president and social democratic character. An essential coexistence in order to govern and convince. Díaz wants a unifying project, without egos, and concretion of policies that can be perceived in daily reality. The aspiration to create such a platform is a plan similar to that of Errejon. But you have to unite more than compete.

To all this, after those Panama papers, the Pandora papers are aired. More business in tax havens or tax evasion by politicians, high officials, heads of state, former bosses, kings, businessmen and artists from more than ninety countries. Brussels figures at 46 billion euros per year the taxes lost each year. A systemic problem. The one who was president of the United States already said it, Barack Obama, in 2016, calling on world leaders to action: “That’s the problem. A lot of these things are legal. It is not strange that the actor Alberto San Juan affirms that «Lorca he perceived that capitalism is incompatible with life. You are looking for something that is not. And he does not reside in Genoa, 13.

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