Wednesday, August 4

The PP accuses Sánchez of “besieging” the Court of Accounts

The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarra, during a press conference.

The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarra, during a press conference.

The PP He has come out in a rush to criticize Pedro Sánchez and the members of his Government for their position regarding the role that the Court of Accounts (TCu) can play in the path of dialogue with the independentists. The party’s spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has accused the Prime Minister of “besieging” this body and it has demanded that it “abandon this path in which it moves away from what is the defense of the rule of law and the institutions that guarantee democracy.”

The ‘sanchismo’ siege of independent democratic institutions has become a daily shame that we Spaniards live and undoubtedly damages the image of our country abroad “, Garrama has sentenced, referring to the words of the ministers José Luis Ábalos and Irene Montero on the” stones in the road “that open causes imply in the TCu against ex-independence leaders.

Hours after knowing that the Court of Accounts requires 5.4 million to the leaders of the procés for expenses in foreign action, the leader of the PP has defended that this body “has constitutional support” and “is governed by independence and impartiality “. “Questioning at this time the role of the Court of Accounts in the fight against embezzlement and conduct that has to do with corruption offenses is a disservice to our democracy and our democratic quality “, he has sentenced.

From the Catalan PP, Deputy Lorena Roldán has demanded “that every penny be returned” and he has accused Sánchez of having become the “necessary cooperator of the second ‘procés’” because “it rewards disloyalty and corruption” with the granting of pardons.

Regarding the meeting this afternoon between Sánchez and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, Gamarra has assured that it will be one more occasion in which the head of the Executive will be thrown “into the hands of the independentistas.” In addition, he has warned that the Government of Catalonia is “insatiable” and that after the granting of pardons “everything will revolve around the referendum and amnesty.”

Cs charge against Sanchez’s concord

Like Gamarra, the leader of Cs in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, has argued that “separatism is insatiable” and that Aragonès will pressure Sánchez “to also give up with the Court of Accounts.” “We will not let them slip away and we will activate all the legal mechanisms because they did not get their ‘republiqueta’ of Puigdemont and, as we are still in Spain, a democracy with a rule of law, we will demand that the tightening of the screw that Aragonès does not come to fruition he wants to demand from Sánchez ”.

On the other hand, Carrizosa has charged against the homage to those pardoned in the Palau de la Generalitat and in the Parliament of Catalonia in which, in his opinion, there was “apology for the crimes of sedition and embezzlement” and has defended that his disqualification includes “deprivation of honors.” “We cannot consent to this mockery of the right to democracy,” he blurted out, and asked that it be assessed whether these facts “could constitute a violation of the sentence.” “They are showing off the crimes committed publicly and repeatedly, perhaps Sánchez was wrong in thinking that we would enter a period of harmony, because we are entering a period of reaffirmation and separatist victory”, Has sentenced.

The PSC He did not want to get involved: “The Court of Accounts is not a judicial body, it is an administrative body, so the decisions it makes can be appealed before the Justice. Whether we like it or not, what we have to do is respect the decisions he makes ”, the deputy said prudently. Raul Moreno. “Until we have the final decision we will not make assessments”, has settled.

But the ‘comuns’ have announced that they will return to present a proposal in the Congress of Deputies to “depoliticize” this body. The Catalan leader Jéssica Albiach has accused the PP of “boycotting” the new political stage in Catalonia and wanting to knock down the dialogue “through the Court of Accounts”, which they consider “a desperate attempt” by the national leader, Pablo Casado, after “having remained alone against the pardons.”

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