Thursday, June 30

The PP accuses the bipartisan of new irregularities in 2020 municipal contracts

The deputy spokesman of the PP, José Navarro

The deputy spokesman of the PP, José Navarro

The government team today presented a new report by the auditor on some of the hiring carried out by the City Council in 2020 and while the mayor of the Treasury, Patricia Macià, has valued that there are no iadministrative infractions or criminal acts and that the municipal official has made “only some recommendations to improve”, the deputy spokesman for the popular municipal group, José Navarro, has warned that these are “serious irregularities that sometimes skip the Contract Law.”

The socialist mayor has recognized in his appearance that the municipal auditor has put of repairs to two files. One for a monthly increase of 75 euros to the Local Police for special nightlife and another for the modification of jobs in terms of night hours. “The PP took us to the Prosecutor’s Office, damaging this Administration and the companies involved in these contracts and they were disappointed. The report from the Prosecutor’s Office was devastating and in this new report it is recorded that no infraction of any kind has been committed.” , has pointed out Macià. Although, it has recognized that there are acts in which the intervening function was omitted but it has guaranteed that “in all the files it was stated that the expense was proposed by the competent body, that sufficient credit was available and that there was a report from the responsible technician in which the right of the provider to collect was accredited, in addition to department reports that justified the hiring, it was therefore justified that invoices were made with omission of the intervening function “.

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For their part, the popular have charged against PSOE and Compromís because the report shows “that they continue to resort to minor contracts processes that should be put out to tender, awards to companies that do not meet the required requirements, some that have presented policyholder coverage for an amount lower than that established in the specifications, award of a contract to a company with debts. ”

“It seems to us amazing and of an unprecedented abandonment of functions by González that these practices continue to be given in the City Council of Elche, a city hall that has become the farmhouse of socialism, where the institution is at your service, breaking all the precepts legal have and to have, “said Navarro.

The PP has reminded the government team, and especially the mayor, that they are being investigated by the Anti-Fraud Agency and that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office stated that “we find ourselves with direct awards without respecting the regulations that govern contracting in administrative matters and with division of contracts transcending mere administrative irregularity, so they should be exemplary and put aside these opaque practices that go against the principles of transparency, publicity and free competition.

“In our audit work we are going to be very forceful, therefore, we ask the government team for an external audit to detect all the irregularities that may be being committed. If González and his entire municipal government proclaim themselves to be so transparent, they will have no problem accepting our proposal and having an external analysis of the operation of the Elche City Council carried out ”, concluded Navarro.

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