Friday, October 7

The PP blames the City Council for the suspension of the Cáceres concerts

Luis Fonsi is one of the three artists who have fallen off the poster. / TODAY

Rafael Mateos demands that someone assume responsibility and criticizes the municipal government for announcing actions that were not signed

The municipal group of the PP in the City Council of Cáceres has demanded that Mayor Luis Salaya “someone” assume responsibilities after the suspension of the concerts of Melendi, Luis Fonsi and Morat that are added to that of Izal, which left the San Fernando Fair without concerts, “in what has been the worst fair in decades of the city’s history and one of the worst in Extremadura,” they indicated.

“Once again the inefficiency in Salaya’s management is demonstrated, which cannot derive responsibility from third parties, especially when he himself sold these concerts as a success for his government and time has shown that once again he sells smoke,” said the spokesman. PP municipal councilor, Rafael Mateos, who recalled that, just like on March 15, several members of the government team went out to “sell” that the concerts were returning to Cáceres, “now they must take responsibility for the latest news that we have learned.”

According to Mateos, “the damage that is being done to Cáceres is going to be difficult to repair because credibility and seriousness are already very damaged”, since after the loss of these three concerts and several festivals that have gone to other locations, the cultural offer of Cáceres with Luis Salaya “is increasingly poorer”. In addition, according to the popular spokesman, these facts show that the municipal government team “only makes empty announcements and sells smoke, but it is all a lie.”

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Mateos recalled that the PP already warned in May that the suspension of the Izal concert was not going to be the only one and that there were more concerts that were not closed. “Time has proven us right, and it shows what we have been denouncing for months, that neither Salaya nor his government team are capable of taking over the management of the City Council or the city after three years governing, and that Cáceres has a very weak municipal government that sells a lot of smoke, “he stressed.

«Not even ‘Cáceres is back on the high-level music circuits’ as Councilor Bello used to say; nor ‘we have waited many years to recover these posters’, as Councilor Licerán said, because the only thing we are achieving is making the greatest of ridicule and that nobody believes anything about this Government anymore, “concluded Mateos.

Melendi’s concert was scheduled for July 30, Morat’s on August 18 and Luis Fonsi’s on August 19. The City Council explained last Monday in a press release that the company Big Artist Management had not responded to the request for explanations from the consistory, and that the representatives of the artists told them that they suspended these appointments due to lack of payment from the promoter. In the case of Fonsi, the company had already announced its suspension.

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