Saturday, December 9

The PP charges against advertising in À Punt to “promote” Catalan

The PP has requested that the Governing Council of the Valencian Media Corporation (CVMC), which meets next Wednesday, rule on a advertisement issued in In Punt which, according to critics, advertises Catalan through a subsidized entity, the Language Platform.

The popular spokesperson in the RTVV Commission, Verónica Marcos, has indicated that “we want the Governing Council to take a position on whether it considers that advertising is in line with the principles and interests of the corporation and if it is in accordance with the law creating the public entity which expressly states that Valencian is the institutional and vehicular language of the CVMC media”.

Marcos has indicated that “we consider that this announcement is not compatible with those principles and values ​​that inspire public television since violates its own law of creation, the framework mandate and the code of conduct on the commercial and advertising activity of the corporation. There it is stated that there is the option of not accepting advertising that does not conform to these principles and that advertising content can be withdrawn in the event of a complaint from any CVMC body.

The People’s Deputy has lamented that “À Punt is dedicated to advertising Catalan through a subsidized entity which receives hundreds of thousands of euros of public money from Valencians through the Ministry of Education. Is independence court entity It is the same one that has launched a signaling campaign against businesses that do not serve in Valencian or the persecution of professors at Valencian universities who teach their classes in Spanish.

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Marcos has recalled that the PP has requested in the Cortes the appearance of the director of the public television À Punt, Alfred Costa, to explain the use of public television to promote the Catalan language through the broadcast of an advertising spot for the Platform for the Language entitled “Activat per la llengua”. In addition, the PP has requested by registration a full copy of the file and documentation related to the contracting of that advertisement issued in À Punt, as well as any other contract, agreement or agreement that it has with said Platform.

Finally, Marcos explained that “it cannot be allowed that the television of all Valencians be used to promote Catalan in our land. We will not allow them to market with our signs of identity and with public television whose principles are to promote Valencian and not another language”.

Along these lines, he considered that “The objective of Puig and Oltra is turn À Punt into a second TV3 channel at the service of independence. The clearest example is the creation at the request of Pere Aragonés of a digital platform for collaboration between the three public television stations in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community to unify content. At the moment they have already put 250,000 euros, who knows how much more the whims of Puig and Aragonés are going to cost us Valencians”, emphasizes the popular deputy.

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