Saturday, September 23

The PP closes ranks with César Asencio and recalls that other complaints came to nothing

The popular group of Crevillent defended yesterday the presumption of innocence of the former mayor, César Augusto Asencio, who will have to sit on the bench for an alleged rigging of contracts, a crime for which the Prosecutor’s Office implicates other former councilors and popular councilors as well as officials. “Compromís and Penalva seek to convict before the judge and forget that they have already asked for resignations in other cases and finally came to nothing,” they assured yesterday in a note, while recalling that “José Manuel Penalva presented the complaint with which he has been accused to civil servants and politicians of the City council to arrive at the Mayor’s Office ».

The popular group explains, after the news of INFORMATION, that “all this alleged case involving the highest level officials of the City Council and politicians when they were in the government of previous corporations has as its beginning a criminal complaint from the current mayor and leader of Compromís José Manuel Penalva.” They remember that «it is not the first time that the left in Crevillent has used justice to wear down the PP to give a bad image of the party. We can all remember the complaints for asbestos (filed) for a crime against the safety of workers, that of Abornasa (filed) for the crimes of prevarication, against the environment and illegal exactions or the complaint for a crime of incitement to I hate that Compromís per Crevillent presented to the Civil Guard and that it was left on a dead letter ”.

On the note that Compromís made public yesterday, in which he asks the PP for measures “against corruption” of Asencio, he adds that “he shows in his statement that he does not respect justice since he condemns before the judges the officials and politicians of the City Council and that tramples on the presumption of innocence that is protected in the Constitution. It adds that “Compromís per Crevillent is in evidence in this case because in July Mr. Ruiz accused the PP of lying and denied that Compromís had filed a criminal complaint about the Sports area and now all the media have published that the process has been It began with a complaint filed by Mr. Penalva, currently the mayor of Crevillent. What’s more, Compromís has appeared in the court itself as a private prosecution. When this case is tried and it will foreseeably come to nothing for the officials and councilors of the PP, Mr. José Manuel Penalva and Compromís will have a very difficult time explaining to the neighbors how they used a lie to reach the mayor’s seat.

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Spokesman Miguel Ángel Sánchez said that “we have a mayor who used a complaint that has led to the prosecution of officials and politicians to get the chair and that shows the lack of scruples to get power.” In the same way, Sánchez affirmed that “now he hides and sends his political godfather to come out and show his face, while he remains like the good guy from the movie hiding in the mayor’s office.” Finally, from the PP they indicate that “if this case is nothing like all the previous complaints, Mr. Penalva will have a very difficult time explaining to the neighbors his way of climbing to power and his attitude calling for resignations without having been tried the case.”

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