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The PP crosses the Vega Renhace as “Ximofake” and asks Antonio Alonso to resign

The secretary of the PPCV, Eva Ortiz, in Las Cortes

The secretary of the PPCV, Eva Ortiz, in Las Cortes
Kai Försterling / EFE

The general secretary of the PPCV, the Oriolana Eva Ortiz, requested yesterday the resignation of new coordinator of the Vega Baja Renhace Plan Office, Antonio Alonso, after the popular ones denounced that two thirds of their investments already existed in other items and that they do not correspond to damages by DANA. Of the 111 million consigned in the Generalitat’s budgets for 2021, 57 are for schools and projects from other years, the PP denounced. Ortiz pointed out that «Renhace plan is another Ximofake, another lie covered in propaganda with which they try to deceive us. We are fed up with Puig and the Socialists trying to tease the residents of the Vega Baja. Now it has been shown that they love us cheat».

The also popular deputy indicated that “in the face of this scenario, the best Antonio Alonso can do is to resign and stop lending himself to put his face to wash the image of a Council of the Generalitat that has abandoned the region in the 2021 budgets. Lies have very short legs. Puig’s promises are useless when, almost two years later, he dedicates himself to inflate the figures.

For Ortiz, “in Vega Baja we are tired of them presenting different recovery plans with different figures and different forecasts. It seems that they only promise things to buy time, hide and cover their inaction. The reality is that the works and the aid do not arrive ”. And he regretted that “Puig is dedicated to creating false expectations that are never fulfilled later. We are saturated with so many announcements for the future but no present, so much lies and so much propaganda marketing. In the end, we see that the only thing Puig has really done with DANA is to set up another public snack bar where he can place his friends and pay political favors, but that will not have any real effectiveness ”.

The PSOE calls the PP “sectarian”

For his part, the PSOE provincial deputy and mayor of Dolores, Joaquín Hernández, called the PP “sectarian” and said that “you have to a lot of face to criticize that the Generalitat is going to invest more than 250 million euros in two years in the Vega Baja, when after 15 months we have not received a single euro from the DANA Provincial Council. The socialist deputy accused the Popular Party of the province of Alicante, and especially its president Carlos Mazón, of “being so sectarian that it is incapable of recognizing the great support of the Generalitat for the Vega Baja ”.

For Hernández, the press conference held by different public officials of the PP in Vega Baja “touched the grotesque, since he criticizes the Generalitat Valenciana that is going to invest more than 250 million in the Vega Baja in two years, when sitting at the press conference were two of the guilty that the Provincial Council has not yet given a euro to the Vega Come down for DANA, Eduardo Dolón and María Gómez ”, he pointed out. “As public officials they were on the ground, because they also showed that they had no idea what the Renhace Plan is, ”said Joaquín Hernández.

The deputy of the PSOE and mayor of Dolores, Joaquín Hernández Tony Sevilla

For Hernández, the true objective of the press conference of the PP positions in Vega Baja was not to attack the Generalitat but to create a smokescreen. “It is evident that this little theater that they put on was a Smoke screen to divert attention from the event organized by Mazón at IFA and that the PP has not paid 11 years later. For now, his explanations have been so vague that the suspicions that in relation to this act there is a cat locked up are more and more evident ”. “We noticed nervousness in the PP with the ‘Mazón case’ and this is what has led them to criticize the Renhace Plan and the more than 250 million euros that the Diputación is going to invest.” “From a president of the Diputación, who has not given a euro to Vega Baja for DANA, we expected more humility and a cooperative desire with the Generalitat in this matter,” concluded the socialist deputy and mayor.

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