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The PP decides to centralize in Genoa the monthly contributions of deputies and senators to the party

The national headquarters of the PP, located in Genoa

The national headquarters of the PP, located in Genoa

The PP has decided centralize in the national headquarters of Genoa, and not in territorial organizations, contributions to the party made monthly by the deputies and senators of the Popular Group, thus unifying these contributions to the party’s coffers and setting a general amount of 150 euros per month.

It is a donation to the party that must be paid by public and representative offices, complementary with the membership fee. Similar mechanisms apply to other political parties, such as the PSOE or United We Can.

Last October, the Treasury of the PP in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the party and the leadership of the Groups sent a circular to their national parliamentarians to equalize that system, so that those contributions that they made each month, either to the provincial or regional headquarters, would go on to enter the national headquarters, according to ‘popular’ sources have informed Europa Press.

Until then, deputies and senators paid provincial fees that varied in each territory -they used to range between 90 and 130 euros- but now it has been set at 150 euros per month. Some of them also pay a contribution at the municipal level, with a financing method that more political formations follow.

Some parliamentarians have recorded the payment of that contribution to ‘Genoa’ in the declarations of economic interests that have been published for the first time this past February, in application of the Code of Conduct approved by the Cortes Generales last October.

More than 300,000 euros a year

If before any position could be distracted in the payment of these fees, parliamentary sources have admitted that this centralization from ‘Genoa’ has served to “to stand your lordships”, who now do not dare to rebel before the highest authority of the party, which is also the one who has the last word in drawing up the electoral lists.

Thus, the 89 deputies and 84 senators of the Popular Group contribute about 1,800 euros per year, which represents a little more than 300,000 euros the total amount that Genoa receives (160,000 from Congress and 151,000 from the Senate).

To this amount must be added the annual membership fee to the PP set out in the Statutes and which is set at about 35 euros. “The membership application must state the amount to be paid, by direct debit or nominative entry into the account opened to satisfy the payment of fees “, state the Statutes of the PP in its article 3.

The payment of this amount guarantees participation in internal decision-making processes of the party, such as voting rights as a delegate in a congress. The PP differentiates between affiliates and sympathizers, and the latter do not make an economic contribution.

Donation of public offices in 2020 due to the coronavirus

Likewise, the Popular Party collected last year 250,000 euros in donations from public officials of the training that were destined to help the victims and affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parliamentary sources have indicated that deputies and senators then participated with donations of around one thousand euros. “In memory of all those who died from coronavirus, their families and those who fought for their lives, my best wishes for this Christmas with the hope of a better new year,” said Pablo Casado in his Christmas greeting, in which he reported that donation of a quarter of a million euros.

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