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The PP demands the Government to bring the trapped truckers




On Christmas Eve there have been 1,500 families who have been missing one of their members because they are trapped in their trucks in the UK, as a result of a “disastrous management” by the British Government and “the lack of action of the national health authorities.” This was denounced yesterday by the secretary general of the Popular Party, Teodoro Garcia Egea, after visiting the Primafrio truck base in Alhama (Murcia) and holding a videoconference with one of the trapped carriers, waiting to take a Covid test and be able to cross into France. García Egea announced that his party has taken an initiative to Congress to demand that the Government act immediately and bring the truckers to Spain with all the guarantees.

The number two of the PP was in favor of a “coordinated diplomatic action” because it is essential to guarantee the return of Spanish carriers “and that they have free access to the tests to prevent them from infecting their relatives». The popular leader insisted that the Government of Spain must act now, without wasting a minute of time, and attend to these people. He recalled that one in four truckers caught are Spanish. The PP will also move in the European Parliament so that “workers who carry the Spain brand throughout the United Kingdom, can return to their homes.”

The Popular Group yesterday registered in Congress a Proposal not of law on measures to facilitate the immediate return of the thousands of Spanish truckers trapped, for debate in the Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Committee.

The popular recall that they have been requesting for months the urgent implementation of homogeneous and efficient health prevention and control measures in transport that favor the restoration of connectivity and international mobility and the restoration of the confidence and safety of travelers: «The Government has ignored each and every one of these proposals and as a result of their inaction we already have the negative consequences derived from the new strain of virus identified in the UK. ‘

The Popular Group assures that «from any social sphere and especially from the transport sectore »includes the abandonment of the Government of Spain. The PP asks the Executive to promote appropriate international and national actions to facilitate the immediate return of carriers. Among others, it proposes to urgently activate a standardized international test protocol applicable to freight traffic. It also asks the Government to undertake a diplomatic strategy with tangible results, and immediately promote at the community level the paralysis of any type of barriers to the free movement of goods under objective and non-discriminatory health criteria.

Published in the BOE

Precisely, the Government published yesterday in the BOE a resolution that exempts until January 13 the fulfillment by carriers that travel to the United Kingdom of the rest obligations in the transport of goods. From now on, the duration of the maximum daily driving period is extended from 9 hours to 11 hours and the start of the weekly rest is postponed after six 24-hour periods have elapsed. In addition, France temporarily lifted restrictions on movement through its territory and made compliance with the tachograph more flexible., to facilitate the return home of the carriers.

The British Government promised that the ferries crossing the English Channel will continue to operate today, Christmas Day, and Saturday, to alleviate the chaos in the port of Dover.

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