Sunday, November 28

The PP denounces the delay in mammograms in the Elda area

The PP denounces the delay in early detection tests for breast cancer (mammograms) in the Health department of Elda. The training ensures that the delays caused by the pandemic have increased with the closure of the service during the month of August by not replacing Health professionals who work in it during the vacation period.

The popular spokesman, Fran muñoz, explains that he has received complaints “due to the accumulated delays in appointments for mammograms”, you hope that “they have increased due to the closure of services for staff rest during the month of August.”

The incidence rate of breast cancer in the Valencian Community is 122 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which means, according to Muñoz, that “one in 20 women will suffer from breast cancer throughout her life.” The Ministry of Health plans to diagnose 1,350 new cases every year on average, but “despite all these data, for the Health protocols, the early detection service is not a priority and therefore the staff is not replaced on vacation and even in some moments of the pandemic have used their professionals for other services “, denounces the popular spokesman.

The popular demand a crash plan to shorten the waiting lists accumulated by the coronavirus


Along these lines, Fran Muñoz assures that “experts predict that delays in diagnostic tests due to postponing routine screenings for the early detection of tumors, will mean that treatment is later and that the patient is more likely to die”, an issue that that “the fear of using Healthcare for the covid joins.”

The popular regrets that “while I explain these data, the press reports that the Generalitat is going to acquire a new palace for 5 million euros alleging lack of space despite having more than 119 properties of similar characteristics in disuse inventories”, so He denounces that “the Valencian government should be less in financing Pan-Catalan entities or buying palaces and more in the things that really matter to Valencians.”

Muñoz considers it understandable that “the pandemic has complicated at times the normal functioning of our Healthcare”, but “of course, the dismissal of more than 3,000 toilets or the non-replacement of staff on vacation does not help anything to solve the problem.” For this reason, from the Popular Party of the Valencian Community “it was already warned that the reinforcement of toilets was necessary” during the summer period to “try to face the accumulated delays” due to the pandemic.

However, and given the situation denounced in the Elda Health department, the PP spokesman demands that the Minister of Health, Ana Barcelo, “An immediate solution to restore service”, as well as “a crash plan for the area” that allows “shortening the accumulated waiting lists during the pandemic.” Fran Muñoz insists that “it is a question of political will and priorities. The Valencian government must prioritize investment in health to restore normality in services.

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