Thursday, September 16

The PP describes the bilateral meeting between Sánchez and Aragonès as a “hidden agenda”

Pablo Montesinos, Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party.

Pablo Montesinos, Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party.
Alberto Ortega / Europa Press

The vice-secretary of Communication of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos, has warned this Monday about the “hidden agenda” between the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, and the Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, while pointing out that the Bilateral Commission of this Monday between the Government and the Generalitat is “an insult to the Spanish.”

In an interview on RNE, ehe ‘popular’ leader has assured that this meeting shows that Sánchez live in the “world upside down.” “With it, loyalty is punished and disloyalty is rewarded,” he lamented.

Along these lines, Montesinos recalled that the president of the Catalan Government failed “to respect all his counterparts” with his absence from the Conference of Presidents. “He makes his objectives clear, he wants an illegal referendum that breaks the equality of Spaniards. And against this, what does Sánchez do? What he does is reward them,” he added.

The deputy secretary of the PP, who has charged against Sánchez for submitting his “will” to the independentistas to continue in Moncloa, has acknowledged that he looks with “concern” at the Bilateral, which shows the “multilevel Spain” of the chief executive, which consists of “divide between Spanish first and second”.

Sánchez must “strengthen the State and not scrap it”

Thus, and after reaffirming the “equality” among all citizensMontesinos has insisted that what Sánchez should do is “strengthen the State and not scrap it.” Along these lines, he recalled that the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has repeatedly offered the Prime Minister a pact to strengthen the institutions.

In this context, and after being asked if the Bilateral Commission It could serve for the independentistas to move away from their claims, Montesinos has been clear: “If they had wanted to contribute, they would have attended the Conference of Presidents.”

The deputy secretary of the PP has acknowledged that “it is necessary to dialogue and negotiate” with all the autonomous communities, but always “with loyalty” and, precisely, within the framework already established. “The Catalan representative planted everyone and at that conference we saw that Sánchez only wanted the photo and practically nothing else,” he lamented.

Finally, and after insisting that “there is no place” for the Bilateral, Montesinos has warned about the “hidden agenda” between Sánchez and Aragonés. “We have been able to verify that Sánchez said no referendum, but only a few days later members of his Government said perhaps a referendum. It is the president who must give many explanations,” he has settled.

Reaffirms “loyalty to the Crown” and extols the legacy of Juan Carlos

Montesinos has also referred to the decision of the King Emeritus to leave for the United Arab Emirates to facilitate his work for Felipe VI. A day before the first anniversary, Montesinos has reaffirmed the loyalty of the PP with the monarch and has praised the legacy of Juan Carlos I.

Along these lines, the deputy secretary recalled that the emeritus does not have today any “open judicial procedure and has freedom of movement “. “What some of us do is a defense of the King against the campaign of some within the Government itself, who try to erode the institutions of the State,” he explained.

Thus, Montesinos has insisted that “thanks to Don Juan Carlos, Spain is a full democracy with freedom to, within the framework of the rule of law and the Constitution, do what” each citizen considers “appropriate.” Therefore, after being asked if the PP would see his return to Spain inconvenient, the ‘popular’ leader has insisted that the formation is not going to “enter into that debate.” “Not even in the campaign of some sectors of the left in an attempt to attack the Headquarters of the State. We reaffirm loyalty to the crown as the main opposition party,” he added.

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