Wednesday, August 10

The PP describes the Government as a “chicken coop” and asks Sánchez to call elections

The Undersecretary of Organization of the PP, Ana Beltrán, along with Esperanza Aguirre, Pablo Casado and José Luis Martínez-Almedia.

The vice-secretary of Organization of the Popular Party, Ana Beltran, has marked this Sunday to government of the PSOE and United we can of “absolute chicken coop” and has urged the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, to call elections.

This is how he has raised it from Lleida, where he has participated in an act of delivery of diplomas to new affiliates in the province, together with the president of the PP of Catalonia, Alejandro Fernandez, and the president of the PP of Lleida, Xavier Palau.

Beltrán has attacked the two partners of the Government because “they do not agree” on issues such as labor reform or the withdrawal of the seat of the until now United Podemos deputy in Congress Alberto Rodríguez.

“A government that does not know how to govern, that does not have clear ideas, cannot be in charge of the country right now”

In addition, he has attacked United Podemos for questioning the judicial decision to disqualify Alberto Rodríguez: “We are fed up with direct attacks on a fundamental pillar of the State such as justice. It cannot be consented.”

According to Beltrán, “as Sánchez is unable to control his own government, what he has to do is call elections now. ” “A government that does not know how to govern, that does not have clear ideas, cannot be in charge of the country right now, with a strong economic crisis,” he stressed.

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For Beltrán, the PSOE and United We Can “They do not deserve to govern, because they do not know” and because it is “a shame that they are throwing things at the head” at a time like the present, so “you have to let the Spanish speak” at the polls.

A “misrule”

For his part, the Secretary of Justice and Interior of the Popular Party, Enrique Lopez, he has invited Sánchez to call general elections if he does not have the support of his United We can partners and is not capable of solving the “misrule” of his Executive.

“If he cannot continue to govern without the support of those who they hate and try to destroy Spain he still has to consider giving the Spanish people a voice again, “the Madrid councilor also told journalists during his visit to an emergency drill.

In Enrique López’s opinion, the decision of the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, to withdraw the seat of Podemos deputy Alberto Rodríguez after being convicted by the Supreme Court was “common sense” because he had to comply with what was dictated by the high court .

“What is very serious is that we have a minister in the government, Ione Belarra, which imputes to this Supreme Court a crime of prevarication and complains against Batet for complying with what he has to do. It does not make sense “, has underlined the person in charge of Justice of the PP.

“Enough already”, he appealed to Sánchez, who he has urged to make an urgent decision, in reference to the dismissal of Belarra about which this Sunday he has not been as explicit as yesterday when Enrique López himself accused the minister of Social rights to open “an unprecedented constitutional crisis.”

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