Sunday, October 17

The PP files a complaint against the mayor of Alcoy for “skipping” the perimeter confinement

The deputy of the PP Fernando Pastor

The deputy of the PP Fernando Pastor

The deputy in the Valencian Parliament for the Popular Party, Fernando Pastor, has filed a complaint against the mayor of Alcoy, Toni French, for “skipping” the perimeter confinement of its own municipality last weekend and has asked the regional secretary for Security and Emergencies to apply the sanctioning regime provided in these cases to those who fail to comply with the restrictions set by the Generalitat Valenciana in its decree 2 / 2021 of January 24, by which cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants were closed on the perimeter during weekends.

Pastor, who has registered the administrative complaint this morning with the Autonomous Secretariat for Security and Emergencies, explained that this is the autonomous body competent to apply the sanctions provided.

Failure to comply with the restrictions agreed by the Generalitat to try to stop the expansion of the covid, including bypassing the perimeter confinement of a municipality, is regulated and classified as a minor infraction in Decree Law 11/2020 of July 24 of the Consell. “Considering that these rules apply to everyone I have filed a complaint against Toni Francés before the competent body so that the sanctioning regime is applied as it would be done to anyone else. What’s more, being mayor you have to preach with the most absolute exemplarity and assume responsibilities like the most when the rules have not been met.

The mayor of Alcoy has committed a serious irresponsibility and is not exempted from complying with the restrictions like any other resident of Alcoy. As the highest authority, it must set an example and show that we are all equal before the law, and even more so when there are thousands of citizens throughout the Valencian Community who are being sanctioned for breaching mobility restrictions ”, he said.

Pastor explained that Francés went to the Jesuset del Miracle mass in Alcoy on Sunday from his second residence in Penáguila and that after the celebration he returned to his country house in Penáguila in breach of the regulations on the mobility restriction agreed by the Valencian government , that prevents trips to second homes, “Something that has already been recalled many times by public officials of the Generalitat.”

“In a city in which more than 100 people have died from covid in residences, with an incidence of 3,000 infections per 100,000 inhabitants and in a city in which enormous sacrifices are being requested from citizens, hoteliers or merchants, its mayor From the political point of view, he cannot go to his country house for a few days and abandon the people of Alcoy ”, Pastor has indicated. “Neither from the point of view of compliance with the regulations a mayor can bypass the restrictions of the Generalitat for which other people are being fined,” he added.

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