Saturday, October 16

The PP further tenses the plenary session of the motions against Cano with the complaint to Francés for skipping the perimeter closure of Alcoy

There was a shared feeling among the groups that this Wednesday’s plenary session was going to be the closest thing to a pitched battle. And it is that the tension has not stopped growing. At the epicenter of the controversy, Bernabé Cano, since the accusation of Health on Roselló occurred this Tuesday late in the afternoon. Groups are not willing to end friction, which exploded two weeks ago when the irregularities in vaccinations began to be known. In the midst of all this tension, Carlos Mazón dribbles compromised questions and keeps a hermetic silence on this issue. On the positioning of the PP in the motions that PSOE and Compromís will present today in plenary session, official sources assured that, for the moment, they do not want to refer to this matter. For his part, the leader of Citizens in the Community, Toni Cantó, has launched harsh reproaches demanding that Mazón remove Bernabé Cano from the institutions.

The dust has grown and Commitment He also raised the tone on Tuesday to demand that the deputy present his resignation. In this case, he was not the spokesperson for the coalition in the Diputación, Gerard fullana, who denounced the facts, but was the deputy spokesperson in the Cortes, Aitana Mas, who defended that the PP should force him to leave his act. “Not only do you have to withdraw powers, but you have to resign. It was against the norms entering a residence when it was prohibited and he was vaccinated. I don’t know why Mazón doesn’t show him the way out, ”Mas said. Today’s plenary session will have the resignation of the deputy as the main reason for discussion. But it will not be a simple session either due to the doubts that the PP has launched about the non-compliance of the restrictions by the mayor of Alcoy and socialist spokesman, Toni French. The popular have filed a complaint to ask the regional secretary for Security and Emergencies to apply to Francés the sanctioning regime provided in these cases to those who fail to comply with the restrictions set by the Generalitat Valenciana.

Deputy Fernando Pastor registered the administrative complaint on Tuesday and emphasized that non-compliance with the restrictions agreed by the Generalitat to try to stop the expansion of the covid, including bypassing the perimeter confinement of a municipality, is regulated and classified as a minor offense. “I have filed a complaint against Toni Francés before the competent body so that the sanctioning regime is applied to him as it would be done before any other person,” Pastor said. For his part, the socialist denied having skipped the perimeter closure decreed on the town during the weekend, assuring that he was previously for family reasons in a second residence in Penáguila, although he apologized.

Four different proposals on the doses applied

At the moment there are four motions registered for debate in today’s plenary session, one for each group, all related to irregular vaccinations, although while PSOE, Cs and Compromís put the focus on Bernabé Cano and ask him to leave the institutions, the PP has presented an alternative text in which it holds Health responsible for the doses applied improperly and requires Ximo Puig to clarify responsibilities. Compromís also calls for an investigation into the political positions that have come to the Doctor Esquerdo center, alluding to the PP deputy Juan Bautista Roselló, also vaccinated.

The PSOE denounces Cano’s salary: € 9,000 per month

Socialists consider these figures to be “exorbitant” for a municipality with 20,000 inhabitants

The socialist group in the City Council of La Nucía, through its spokesperson Pepa Ivorra, denounced this Tuesday the “exorbitant” salary received from the municipal coffers by the mayor of La Nucía, Bernabé Cano, and that it would be around 4,500 euros in January. But, in addition, as they pointed out from the socialist ranks, to the compensation that Bernabé Cano receives from the La Nucía City Council, we should add those he has been receiving from the Alicante Provincial Council, with a gross salary of approximately 4,400 euros per month, which is That would make the salary received by Bernabé Cano between the two institutions only in the month of January exceed 9,000 euros per month, according to the PSOE.

For the socialist spokesperson, Pepa Ivorra, we are talking about “indecent” figures for a municipality of 20,000 inhabitants, and that “it is the result of the juicy compensation for attendance at plenary sessions, government boards and municipal commissions that Bernabé Cano himself assigned to himself at the beginning of this legislature. The Socialists affirmed that “they were already high in the previous legislature, and in some cases it was raised by 100%.” According to the complaint of the PSOE, for each plenary session as mayor he receives 600 euros -60 euros for opposition councilors-, 600 euros for the governing board -300 the rest of the components, all of the PP government team- and 300 euros for commission -the rest of councilors 40 euros-.

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