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The PP hides its internal cracks and shows unity to support Mañueco

The dance begins in Castilla y León. the pp it dumps from this weekend in the elections of February 13 with the aim of starting the electoral year on the right foot and placing their candidate, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, on the brink of an absolute majority. The example is Madrid: add more than the formations of the left and that an abstention from Vox is enough for the popular can rule alone. In addition, the first elections of 2022 will also be a laboratory to study the emergence of new platforms, those of the Empty Spain, which also aspire to obtain attorneys in the Cortes.

This weekend León hosts the PP congress in this autonomy, which Genoa sees as the first great act of the pre-campaign. The barons and main officials of the party come to support Mañueco at a sweet moment for the party thanks to the truce (control and with an expiration date) between the national leadership and the president of the Community of Madrid. The party seeks exhibit total unity and cohesion around the acronym, showing that when it comes to winning elections the ranks are tight.

It is a litmus test for internal seams that have been stressed for too long, while almost the entire party called for an agreement that would prevent further attrition in the polls. Precisely, the fear that Vox could grow and that the results were not as expected is what achieved the long-awaited photo of peace, although it has a lot of imposture. The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, started the political year walking next to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. An image not seen in months.

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Both parties acknowledge that this is not an agreement and that the truce will end when the elections are over. The conflict (who and how will preside over the PP in Madrid) is not resolved. But both sides need Mañueco to come out of the test strong. A great electoral result suits all the organizations within the PP. But in Genoa the need is even greater, after having orchestrated an early election without being able to clearly justify the reasons. A success of Mañueco will be a success for Paul Married.

García Egea opens the regional congress this Saturday morning. And in the afternoon it will be the autonomous presidents of Galicia, Andalusia, Madrid and Murcia who will participate in a debate that will end with Mañueco himself. The national leader closes the conclave on Sunday with the candidate. And there will also be a leading space for the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, with the spokesmen of the Cortes Generales and the European Parliament. Exhibition of public positions and muscle of cadres of different levels (national deputies, court attorneys, mayors and councilors) with the aim of vindicating the hegemony of the PP in Castilla y León. In 2019, it lost the elections for the first time, obtaining the worst result in its history and giving up first place to the PSOE.

In Genoa they have marked the roadmap. From now on, they repeat like a mantra in the headquarters of the popular, there cannot be a single election that the PP does not win. “Madrid was just the beginning,” they say, insisting that the only way for the change in the electoral cycle to be evident is to continue accumulating victories. The first objective is Castilla y León, and Andalusia will come later. In the direction they have that the elections of Juanma Moreno will arrive in the month of June.

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The debate on meat opened in the carcass after the controversial statements by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, gave the PP an unexpected trick. The polls already placed the party in the lead, but its main leaders consider that this “has put the campaign on a plate for them.” At least, in the arch on the right. The results that Vox obtains, with a young candidate, with no political experience and who has already aroused much criticism due to homophobic tweets from years ago, will be closely watched by the PP.

Ayuso managed to stop the ultra party in Madrid, despite the fact that they increased their representation by one seat. But the overwhelming victory of the popular leader was seen as an oxygen ball after the surprise in Catalonia a few months earlier. For Genoa it is essential that in Castilla y León keep visualizing that brake. Vox believes he can scratch votes due to the discomfort in the field. But in the PP they are convinced that they will put up with most of the support in rural areas. The vote of cities like Valladolid or Burgos, the most populated in the community.

Precisely with the intention of replicating the Madrid success, Mañueco has launched tracing the hard profile of Ayuso against the Government of Pedro Sánchez, raising the debate of his community to the national level, and conveying to the public that the elections are about “stopping sanchismo” in Castilla y León. Even the messages are similar to those used by the Madrid president, whom the candidate intends to claim as an electoral asset throughout the campaign. All this after having followed opposing health strategies to combat the pandemic.

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The PP will also use its offensive against the Executive these weeks for the distribution of european funds, with denunciations of arbitrariness that in some cases (that of Madrid) are already in the hands of justice.

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