Sunday, February 5

The PP joins the criticism about the abandonment of Elche Parque Empresarial

The deputy spokesman of the popular municipal group, José Navarro, has denounced the lack of maintenance and cleaning of the Elche business park something that shows the utter neglect of the municipal government of PSOE and Compromís.

Navarro has stated that “the business park is one of the economic jewels of our community, a wealth-generating enclave that is currently in the most absolute abandonment ”.

“Unpruned trees, lack of cleanliness, sidewalks in poor condition, streets without clearing… That is the unfortunate image offered by the streets and avenues of the business park, and that businessmen, workers and users have tired of repeatedly denouncing and receiving promises that are not kept ”.

“In 2020 González announced, with all the pomp there was and for having, the immediate start-up of a brigade to carry out maintenance tasks and that, to this day, does not exist solely because of its slovenliness and laziness ”.

“From the Popular Party we demand immediate action in the area, that the streets and avenues be adapted, cleaning and brushing is promoted, the abandonment of the industrial enclave is inadmissible ”, Navarro concluded.

This newspaper published on Sunday that the Business Park will have a special brigade from 2022 in charge of maintaining the public areas of the industrial enclave and the tasks will cost 250,000 euros a year. The Department of Parks and Gardens has proposed this annual item for the next municipal budgets with which they hope to have more attention to this enclave, in terms of conservation of landscaped areas.

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Already in October 2020 the local executive announced that this specific brigade for the park, without it having materialized yet. The local government blames the delay on the social emergency derived from the coronavirus because it caused several budgetary modifications that prevented allocating these resources to improve the image of the park.

Héctor Díez, mayor of the area, acknowledges that the state of some parts of the park “blush” but that currently the staff of parks and gardens “can not stretch more.” That is why they want to increase resources at the municipal level so that there is a practically permanent presence of personnel who are in charge of pruning the trees, maintaining planters and clearing the large medium-sized plants because the appearance today is quite neglected, as it has been able to do. confirm this newspaper and how workers and from the park’s own conservation entity assure, which points out that “it is obvious that maintenance is needed but from the council they point out that they do everything they can” and that anyway parts with incidents pass regularly to be settled, as explained by Raquel Rosique, director of the entity.

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