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The PP negotiates “in extremis” with the left and Junts per Catalunya to try to stop the “Celaá law”




They have the battle practically lost but they are going to try. Today, the Popular Party will put all its cards on the table to introduce a change in the «Celaá law» that will delay its accelerated processing and thus stop the «roller»Of the PSOE and its partners. How are you going to do? Introducing a modification to the text, specifically, that the Classical Culture subject is a compulsory offer in a year from first to third of ESO. The popular ones will do it through calls transactional amendments (that is, changes to the text resulting from the agreement of several parties, in this case with the left and Junts per Catalunya, among others) and that would force the text to return to the Lower House. And it is that if the norm left the Senate unchanged would become law automatically, after publication in the BOE. This is what the Government intends to do before the 30th, as reported by ABC.

The PP will have to negotiate with parties that are not ideologically related and that is why little “conflictive” issues will be addressed, that is, nothing that has to do with the concerted party, Spanish or religion, but they will try to introduce an ideologically “innocuous” change to , in addition to stopping the educational norm, requesting respect from the Upper House. Senators have been overwhelmed by the urgency in the processing of the law. «We must insist on the role of the Senate as a second reading chamber that it has with respect to the laws that come from CongressRuz complained.

The amendment will be supported by Confederal Left (More Madrid, Adelante Andalucía, More for Mallorca, Commitment, Geroa Bai and in Common We Can); Mixed Group (Vox; UPN; Teruel Existe; Regionalist Party of Cantabria; Aragonese Party and Socialist Association of La Gomera), Cs and the Nationalist Group in the Senate (Together for Catalonia and Canary Coalition).

Ethics, Latin and Greek

Not only the PP but other parties such as Más País see that the law is traveling a too accelerated legislative path. “We are seeing how the laws do not undergo modifications in the Senate because the Government does not want any regulation to return to Congress. It is an error that should open a reflection on the role of the Senate, because if it is a second reading chamber, we should all ask ourselves what we are doing here. The Government is making an amendment to the entire function of the Senate, refusing to allow the laws to be modified, “said the senator from Más Madrid, Eduardo Rubiño a ABC.

More Madrid proposal to introduce Ethics in 4th of ESO
More Madrid proposal to introduce Ethics in 4th of ESO

This party will also present a compromise amendment (supported by the aforementioned parties) to include Ethics in 4th of ESO, in another attempt to stop the processing of the educational standard. For its part, Junts per Catalunya will lead another transactional to include Latin and Greek, also in 4th year of ESO (in addition to Philosophy). “It is a law that could be agreed until February 25 but the Government wants to run because the return of the rule to Congress would put it at risk because they are short on votes. In this case, we have put joint educational issues before political issues, “he defended Assumption Castellví, senator of Together for Catalonia.

Proposal of Junts per Catalunya
Proposal of Junts per Catalunya

Family reunification: Cs’s proposal

Cs also presented a transaction with the same objective of the aforementioned parties and that had the support of them. It is a modification to section 2 of article 53 on the admission criteria when there are not enough places. It is added that no criterion will be exclusive and may not account for more than 30 percent of the total maximum score except for proximity to home (and they add) «the existence of siblings in the center to promote family reunification»

UPN and the PRC also proposed a compromise amendment to promote “sensitization and awareness campaigns aimed at the entire society and the educational community.” They were also supported by by Confederal Left,PP,Cs and the Nationalist Group in the Senate(Together for Catalonia and Canary Coalition).

On Thursday the parliamentary process of the “Celaá law” began in the Senate and in a presentation the PSOE, ERC and PNV made it clear that they will not accept any of the 646 amendments. Which does not imply that these are not debated today since the paper does not have the power to reject, but only to incorporate amendments. In any case, Everything indicates that the text will continue its journey through the Upper House without changes because the opposition does not arrive with the votes.

Citizens Proposal
Citizens Proposal

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