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The PP negotiates with critics of Cs the signing of a score of positions in the province

Among the signings that are being considered are the councilors of Orihuela, both the spokesperson José Aix like the rest of the councilors. In Alicante the names of the vice mayor and spokesperson for Cs will be put on the table, Mari Carmen Sánchez; the spokesperson for the government team, Antonio Manresa; and Councilor María Conejero. In Elche the name of Eva Crucible and, in Elda, that of Paco Sanchez, with good relations with Carlos Mazón. In Villena it sounds strongly Carmen Martinez Clemor. The deputy in Congress Marta Martin (who already went through UPyD, like Toni Cantó) also enters the pools as a possible signing to be part of the popular ranks. However, the two provincial deputies, Javier Gutiérrez and Julia Parra, They are still on the air despite the close relationship they have with the president of the Provincial Council. According to sources close to the negotiation, the disenchanted leaders with whom they are going to negotiate maintain good harmony with the PP and are not for the task of negotiating with the left. According to the same sources, these additions are already being negotiated although they may take months to be made public. Different leaders of the critical sector of Cs consulted this Monday admitted that they consider the training dead.

The leaders deny that they are going to go to the Popular Party during this term and say they are focused on the management


The uncertainty that this crisis has caused has put the course of Ciudadanos in check and has made it clear that some of their positions are not willing to let time pass, not even for the Madrid elections to be held, in which directly they await the death certificate of the formation. If they want to be able to move, it is now, when the PP has opened its arms wide to them in its strategy to occupy its electoral space and stop fighting for the left and for the right. The political representatives that are being appointed assured that, at least during this term, they will not leave the training. The councilor of Elda, Paco Sánchez, He said that ‘I am not going to become a fugitive. This mandate is for Ciudadanos because that is how the polls chose it. I want to be serious. The voters elected us. Also the spokesman in Orihuela, José Aix, stated that “our only option now is to focus on management and what happens in Orihuela.” The vice mayor of Alicante, Mari Carmen Sánchez, added that she continues to believe in the project: “Whoever does not believe is better off taking other paths.”

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Mazón and his objective of “widening” the PP from the center

Emilio Argüeso denies his involvement in the escape of the three former Cs deputies in the Government of Murcia

The president of the Alicante Provincial Council and provincial leader of the PP, Carlos Mazon, on the possible signings of Ciudadanos, he reaffirmed what he has already been saying in recent months regarding the importance of widening the PP from the center, a message that has been highlighted from his environment. “The PP occupies the great space between the extremes,” they emphasize from the party.

The future of the two provincial deputies is still up in the air despite the close relationship they have with Mazón


The day he was appointed president of the PP of the province of Alicante in July 2020, he affirmed before the national leadership that he was going to work to open the doors of the party: “I have repeated it in all the regions. We have to be more. We have to add. We have to open the doors even more: to those who were and left, and to the young people, who are so important to this party. And those who are not yet. Those who are looking at us to see what we are going to propose, “said Carlos Mazón, in a speech that has been remembered in recent days from the Provincial Council.

The crisis that Ciudadanos is experiencing has also focused on the figure of Senator Emilio Argüeso, who yesterday denied his involvement in the flight of the three former Citizens’ deputies in the Government of Murcia. The former secretary of Organization in the Community wanted to make it clear that he has not maintained any contact with any of the three deputies: “I have had nothing to do with the motion of censure in Murcia because I have not even spoken with them,” according to Argüeso, who added that “I don’t know what I’ll do with my future.”

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