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The PP observes crimes of embezzlement and prevarication and urges Sánchez to act




If the government does not react, at least the Popular Party (PP) will. The leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, has announced that his party will denounce the Generalitat of Catalonia if it continues in its intention to allocate public funds to meet the bonds required by the Court of Auditors to the leaders of the ‘procés’.

In a video sent to the media, Casado reacted strongly. The Court of Auditors claims different independence leaders 5.4 million euros of deposit for the embezzlement of public money in its foreign action, with which the Generalitat used its ’embassies’ to revile Spain’s image abroad and promote independence. Now, the regional government headed by Pere Aragonès intends to safeguard the assets of those investigated by allocating public funds with a capital of ten million euros.

For this, the Complementary Risk Fund of the Generalitat of Catalonia (Fcrcat), which will depend on the Catalan Institute of Finance. In Genoa they are clear: the Catalan Executive intends to pay the fines for embezzlement with more embezzlement.

Casado has demanded that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, say “immediately” if he is going to allow “a embezzlement of an embezzlement that has already been done. “And it is also a prevarication, because there are officials and there are politicians who are making resolutions that they know are unfair,” he added.

Faced with this situation, Casado has warned that if Sánchez does not act and the Generalitat continues, the PP will denounce the Catalan Government for alleged crimes of embezzlement and prevarication, by allocating public money to the bail that the independence leaders must deposit for the embezzlement committed in the ‘procés’.

Casado in turn demanded “maximum respect” from the Court of Auditors, whose work has been questioned in recent weeks, even from the central government, and has also asked for something that should be taken for granted: “That there is no impunity and that there is no complicity on the part of the Government of Spain to erase the serious crimes committed in 2017 ».

The leader of the PP has accused the chief executive of trying to make the Spanish pay for “waste and waste. diversion of public funds to commit crimes ». “And that is absolutely intolerable,” he has settled. Casado considers that, if the announced plan continues, the members of the current Catalan Government should be disqualified “due to the serious irregularities they are committing,” on this occasion, he says, “with the complicity of Sánchez.”

«Guarantee the embezzlement with public funds? Embezzlement squared. They already said they did not regret it. They go back to their old ways with everyone’s money ”, added on Twitter the spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cuca Gamarra.

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