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The PP of Badajoz withdraws Intervention from Solana and grants it to Eladio Buzo

Another change in the PP. The Councilor for Finance, Eladio Buzo, is in charge of the Intervention area. In this way, the PP withdraws this competition from María José Solana, who was removed as first deputy mayor on Tuesday to promote Antonio Cavacasillas. The provincial PP wants to promote the latter as a candidate for the 2023 elections.

Although it is not very popular, Intervention is one of the areas with more weight within the City Council. It involves direct dealings with officials in the economic area who make reports endorsing or rejecting changes in budgets, unforeseen expenses, modifications to contracts, salary increases, hiring procedures, etc. It is, in short, the control of the municipal fund and the use that the local government makes of the city’s money and assets.

Intervention, key in the Vivero agreement and with Tubasa

Its weight was made clear, for example, in the last agreement signed by the City Council with the CD in Badajoz for the transfer of the Vivero field. The intervener put a 24-page objection note dated November 13, 2020 in which she warned that the field could not be transferred through a simple collaboration agreement. The mayor ignored that report to sign the agreement a month later and facilitate a transfer of space for four years and a maximum of eight to the club. But the warning was recorded and it was one of the reasons that led to the confrontation between the previous mayor, Francisco Fragoso, and the club’s management. The repair notes go to the Court of Auditors for analysis and it is infrequent that a mayor ignores them to make a decision to the contrary.

Another example of the importance of Intervention was demonstrated at the end of 2021, when it stopped payments to the bus concessionaire, Tubasa, due to non-conformity in the calculation of deficits. He forced to hire an audit to supervise the figures and, for a few months, he suspended subscriptions to the company. Hence the concentrations that some drivers staged in the Plaza de España this fall warning that if the company did not charge, the time would come when they would not receive their payroll either, although it has not finally transpired that this is the case.

It is, therefore, a special service, which in recent years has led María José Solana. Unless there are more changes in the next few days or hours, Solana remains as the Local Police, Purchasing and Contracting delegate, and seventh deputy mayor. As indicated before, the first mayoralty has passed to Antonio Cavacasillas, as well as the spokesperson for the local government and the spokesperson for the municipal group of the PP. Thus, Cavacasillas becomes the popular councilor with the most weight one year before the elections and is heading for a candidacy that the party in Madrid has yet to confirm.

In the government agreement with Cs of 2019, the two parties divided the powers of the City Council and decided that each one would distribute the delegations as they wished. Thus, although they are all delegates of the mayor, these changes come from the PP and they are communicated to Ignacio Gragera.

He already knows that Cavacasillas withdraws the Intervention to give it to Eladio Buzo, who adds it to the Treasury, Fiscal Services, Municipal Economist and Collection. He is also responsible for Inmuba (Municipal Real Estate), Markets and Neighborhoods coordinator.

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