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The PP of Crevillent accuses the tripartite of “paralyzing” the Recruitment area

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The Popular Party already warned in September of last year the deficient management of the Tripartite in the Recruitment department and five months have passed, “this area has been paralyzed. So the situation has not improved, but quite the opposite,” he assures in a Communiqué that opens another controversy this week after the expansion of municipal facilities.

The Popular Councilor Mª Carmen Candela, has indicated that in the City Council the tenders are coming out with a dropper and only those more urgent that depend on subsidies, leaving contracts already expired, as can be seen month after month in the extrajudicial credit acknowledgments. “The Tripartite increasingly goes to these recognition files in order to pay for services, whose contracts have been exceeded, so the contracts are being paid at market prices that are more expensive than if they were put out to tender, ”says Candela.

The last to go to this extrajudicial situation has been the garden maintenance contract. Last Friday, the Good Government commission noticed the extrajudicial payment for the gardening service. According to the mayor of the PP, the Tripartite has not been able to promote the file so that it does not expire, even knowing the dates of completion of the contract in advance. “The worst of all is that it is not an isolated case, because it is becoming normal in this government”.

The left-wing Tripartite has 38 contracts pending, the processing of which began in 2018, 2019, and 2020, being unable to organize the area so that the contracts come out on time, causing damage to the City Council and in some cases even to officials, as for example with the delay in the uniform contract for the Local Police and Civil Protection, which began with the PP and is still pending award.

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Mari Carmen Candela has highlighted the The concern that the municipal PP group has in this situation, because there is no possible justification. “It is true that in our last stage of government, contracting files accumulated, there were two circumstances that caused it: the absence of the area’s technique and the change in the Contract Law, which paralyzed the tenders, not only in Crevillent, but in all administrations “.

The Tripartite now has a contracting technician and a filming of the new Contract lawThere are models of all types of contracts and all the doubts that arose when the law began to be applied have been resolved, so there is no excuse or possible justification for this lack of political impulse in the Contracting area. “There is an evident lack of organization and precise instructions so that the tenders are carried out on time”Points out the councilor of the PP.

Finally, the Popular representative indicates that the management of the Tripartite in the Contracting area is totally ineffective. “From the Popular Party we ask the Tripartite to solve the paralysis, the slowness and the problems of the bidding of contracts. The people of Crevillent do not want excuses, they want solutions and efficiency in management and contracting, with the left tripartite, we only see paralysis and inefficiency ”.

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