Wednesday, December 1

The PP of Orihuela is left alone to approve the purchase of the CAM building

The internal war became clear again, especially when it is more likely that the PSOE will finally support the acquisition of the property. Carolina Gracia, socialist spokesperson, tells INFORMACIÓN that, “in the absence of analyzing it with the party executive and with the municipal group, the process is correct,” so there are still chances that it will take place in the extraordinary plenary session that will be held next week to address this matter.

Not surprisingly, Gracia has reminded the popular on occasion that it is easier for them to count on his support than with that of the orange formation, as happened in summer with the approval of other remnants. Now, he continues, “The PSOE is not the PP’s lifeline, which has to make decisions”. In this commission, he warns, they have seen “interests that have nothing to do with the generals.” That is, “political opportunism” and positions based on “political cost.”

In the opinion of the Councilor for Finance, Rafael Almagro (PP), what happened yesterday “is not decisive”. The mayor affirms that it is a “controversial” operation, but hopes that it will be approved in the extraordinary plenary session. There are still a few days of margin, in which, he assures, they will summon all the groups to “unblock this issue that is in suspense.” Both Gracia and Almagro indicate that Cambiemos abstained in a commission prior to the municipal plenary session, where finally Mayor Emilio Bascuñana withdrew the initiative before it was voted on.

Had he maintained that position, yesterday the proposal would have been favorable. Javier Gracia, councilor for Cambiemos, explains that his group wants the final price of the purchase to be clarified and that the municipal technicians set a maximum amount to be paid, since a previous report valued the property at 2.5 million euros, while that the Foundation demanded 2.7 million and the proposed item amounts to 3 million. In addition, he insists, there are two requests -in August and October- by the Department of Heritage, in the hands of the PP, addressed to Urbanism, Citizens, for a new assessment to be made, without a response being given.

Emergency center

The orange party also voted yesterday against the credit modification to allocate 1.2 million to the second phase of the Orihuela Costa emergency center, “something curious”, Almagro stresses, because “Councilor José Aix [de Ciudadanos] He has gone there many times to take pictures, ”he insists. In any case, “The others have abstained, so it will go ahead in plenary session”Almagro continues. Ciudadanos did support one of the three initiatives, that of 859,964 euros for the urban solid waste work center on the Oriolana coast, with the abstention of PSOE and Vox and the vote against Cambiemos.

Dance of figures in the three credit proposals

Of the three proposals that were debated yesterday in the Finance committee and that will go to an extraordinary plenary session next week, the most controversial is the 3 million euro item for the purchase of the CAM building. Let’s change Orihuela explains that the other two credit modifications also raise doubts. Specifically, the 1.2 million for the second phase of the Orihuela Costa emergency center, when “at the beginning no more works were planned; at most, said the mayor, 500,000 euros more. Regarding the 859,964 euros for the RSU work center, the training warns that there is a prior execution memory of 546,000.

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