Thursday, November 26

The PP of Orihuela will bring the 2020 budgets to plenary session without its partner Cs

Emilio Bascuñana (PP) and José Aix (Cs) in a plenary session, in file image.  |  TONY SEVILLA

Emilio Bascuñana (PP) and José Aix (Cs) in a plenary session, in file image. | TONY SEVILLA

Alone and without supports. This is how the PP stayed yesterday in the information committee that voted for the inclusion of the amendments presented by various political groups to the 2020 budget project and the text itself to take it to full session next week. The rest of the political groups, including their government partner Ciudadanos, voted against the budget project presented by the popular, so the PP will take the document to the plenary session with an unfavorable opinion from the information commission and without any further support. beyond the insufficient votes of its nine councilors, who are in the minority, so it is doomed to failure.

The insistence of the PP to approve a budget for 2020 almost at the end of the year and with all the items spent or committed had caused the rejection not only of the opposition, but also of its government partner in the umpteenth encounter they have in so far mandate. Cs censured that the document had been prepared without having counted on its councilors, in breach of the agreements and political commitments of the government pact, and that “it only tries to ensure the endowments of the PP councils for the remainder of the year and a comfortable extension of the same for 2021, without forcing them to sit down to prepare a new budget, “they said days ago from the orange training. Yesterday, in the commission, Cs was very belligerent with his partner in the City Council and positioned himself more as an opposition to the government of Emilio Bascuñana, of which he is a part, than as a traveling companion, giving a warning to the popular of what he could happen if in the 2021 budgets they do not sit down to negotiate with the councilors of this party.

Both Cs and the opposition parties (PSOE, Cambiemos and Vox) agree in asking the PP to focus on preparing budgets, agreed upon, for 2021 and forgetting those of this almost finished year, in which the of 2018 .. Despite the fact that the popular know, after the result of yesterday’s commission, that the document will meet with the rejection of the rest of the groups of the corporation, the mayor of the Treasury, Rafael Almagro, confirmed to INFORMATION that he will bring the text to the plenary session “because it is our commitment and that it is never said that we are not taking it, despite the fact that all groups see it out of time.” Almagro explained that “from all areas they tell us that it is good that we have a budget for this year, regardless of the fact that we are already working on that of 2021,” he said. In this sense, he assured that “we will sit down with Cs and with the opposition parties so that they can make us their proposals regarding next year’s budgets.”


Only some partial amendments presented by the PSOE were approved yesterday for incorporation into the document, after also receiving the support of the PP. However, the reduction in more than 50% of the amount proposed for social issues “has led us to reject the budget project that took into account some of our amendments,” said PSOE spokeswoman Carolina Gracia. Both PSOE and PP rejected the amendments to the totality that Cambiemos and Cs presented, so they were largely rejected. After that rejection, the orange formation withdrew its partial amendments and voted against those of the PSOE and Cambiemos, although it did support the totality presented by the latter group, as Cambiemos did with his.

The PSOE criticized the “irresponsibility with which the two governing parties in Orihuela act and a clear lack of respect for citizens, mainly from Cs, who put their political interests before responding to the needs of Oriolanos and is dedicated to pressuring to his partner to get more power without caring the least about the present and future of our city, “said Gracia. Cambiemos expressed himself in similar terms, calling the budget project “opaque, vague and socially and environmentally irresponsible” and said he has “serious doubts” that “they are putting the welfare of the neighborhood before the interests of the environment. close business and the self-interest in positioning themselves socially and politically of the members of both formations. “If they dedicate their time to tightening the rope, instead of governing, it is clear that the citizenship is going to lose,” said the municipal formation.

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