Monday, September 27

The PP presents 64 amendments to the regional budgets for Vega Baja to replace “the fake Vega Renhace”

The provincial deputy of the PP, Adrián Ballester, holds a comparison of the Vega Renhace Plan, in the presence of the popular autonomous deputy, Fernando Pastor

The provincial deputy of the PP, Adrián Ballester, holds a comparison of the Vega Renhace Plan, in the presence of the popular autonomous deputy, Fernando Pastor

The PP of the province of Alicante has presented a total of 64 amendments to the Generalitat’s budget as regards the Vega Baja. In this package, a block of 16 amendments whose purpose is works and infrastructures of the Plan Vega Renhace and whose total amount amounts to 31 million euros (31,020,000 euros). These are specific amendments to include in Vega Renhace, which the PP considers “a scam that no one from the Consell has been able to deny.” The popular ones criticized last week that of the 111 million reserved by the Consell in those budgets for works of the Vega Renhace Plan, 57, 51% are earmarked for projects outside of DANA, how to build and reform schools and works from other years. That is to say, 66% of the Vega Renhace projects “are a hoax”, according to the popular ones, who have come to describe the plan created by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, after the cold drop of December 2019, of “Ximofake” .

“La Vega Baja has presented amendments to replace the Vega Renhace Plan scam, a plan in which 66% of the projects presented are a hoax as they are projects carried over from other years or the Edificant Plan, which is a different plan for the construction of schools ”, has remarked the provincial deputy of the PP, Adrián Ballester. For this reason, the popular ones have presented a total of 64 amendments with projects that they consider should be included in the regional budgets for next year and that many of them would have a place in the Vega Renhace Plan, they say, and to “replace the fake” that consider that plan.

Thus, they propose hydraulic infrastructures for rainwater evacuation in Torrevieja for 12 million euros. In Orihuela propose the study and project for the construction of a storm tank for 3 million, creating rainwater collection nets in this town for 4 million, another 3 in the study and project of rainwater lamination in Monte de San Miguel and the Sierra de Orihuela, improvements in the Orihuela Costa rainwater network for 1 million and 1.5 million in each of the projects of permeabilization on various roads (CV-95, CV-91 and CV-925) and in the adaptation of agricultural roads in the districts of La Murada, La Matanza, La Aparecida and Torremendo.

In addition, the proposals extend to Redován, with two rainwater collectors, one in the mountains with an investment of 1.5 million and another for 750,000 euros and the purchase of the old El Cabezo quarry to evacuate rainwater for 300,000 euros.

In Pilar de la Horadada, the popular ones, consider that the budgets should include the rRecovery of the beaches of Puerto and El Mojón, with an investment of 1.9 million, and in Algorfa the canalization of the Rambla de la Cañada for half a million euros. The amendments are completed with the proposal to improve concrete pipes in Benferri to prevent flooding on the road from La Murada to the municipality, for 70,000 euros, and actions in Bigastro, with a rainwater collection collector in the Vereda del Molino, Callosa de Segura with the expansion of the treatment plant and in Cox, with the construction of a rainwater network.

“These amendments, if approved, would ensure that those 111 million euros that they have promised us would go to real investments to prevent the heavy rains from damaging the Vega Baja region so much,” said Ballester .

Next week, the December 14, 15 and 16, the Finance Commission will be held in the Valencian Courts in which the debate on the Budget Bill of the Generalitat Valenciana for the year 2021. The PP of the province of Alicante will attend it with a total of 257 amendments, 64 from the Vega Baja, “to correct the comparative offense suffered by the province with respect to the investments of the whole of the Valencian Community “, according to the regional deputy for Alicante, Fernando Pastor.

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