Friday, September 29

The PP proposes a Renove plan that includes diesel and gasoline cars

They raise public aid provided that safety and emissions regulations are met, in accordance with European criteria

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The PP has registered in the Congress of Deputies a National Plan for the modernization and renewal of the mobile fleet, for which it proposes the use of European funds from the Recovery Plan, at a percentage equivalent to the weight of the automotive industry in GDP, with a annual target of a minimum renovation of 5% throughout the decade until 2030.

All this under the premise of contributing to the transformation of the automobile industry, the auxiliary industry and the value chain, the objective of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants and improving road safety “without penalizing nor negatively discriminate any engine or technological solution that meets the parameters established by the European Union«.

The ‘popular’ present their proposal in a non-law proposal, to which Europa Press has had access, for debate before the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Committee of Congress in which they ask the Government to implement this plan within a month, with the objective of a minimum annual rate of withdrawal of vehicles from circulation of 5%, and incentives to maximize the replacement of those with more than ten years old.

To do this, they propose public aid provided that safety and emissions regulations are met, in accordance with European criteria, “whatever their propulsion technology is”, and also support for the purchase of second-hand vehicles up to seven years old.

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The ‘popular’ propose that the incentives be granted based on the income level of the beneficiary, the price and the type of vehicle, and that the incentives be cumulative and compatible with other public aid, as well as a specific item for industrial vehicles.

The proposal is that this so-called ‘Renove-30 Program’ be permanent throughout the entire decade, with a budget equivalent to at least the Moves program for direct aid for the purchase of new vehicles or through financial leasing or leasing.

12 billion funds

The PP proposes to complete this substitution program with two major plans, one with reforms for the modernization of the automobile fleet, and the other with a battery of fiscal measures, including the expansion to 12,000 million euros of the Plan to boost the value chain of the automotive industry, tripling the endowment planned for each component.

Likewise, they call to include all the aid of these plans in the exemptions and bonuses of the Personal Income Tax and Companies, reduce the special taxes on vehicles that meet the emission and road safety objectives, expand the deductions for technological innovation for SMEs, and a program specifically to help city councils in the renewal of their public transport fleet.

Among the reforms for the modernization and renewal of the vehicle fleet, the PP proposes the deployment of a national recharging and supply network for alternative engines, with the aim of guaranteeing a supply point every 60 kilometers, at least, for electric mobility, and 100 kilometers for hydrogen and other non-emitting fuels.

Likewise, they call for strengthening the Technical Vehicle Inspections (ITV) with the full collaboration of the stations, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) and the Insurance Compensation Consortium, simplifying procedures, certifications and homologations, and the promotion of innovation and development technology and its incorporation into the vehicle and infrastructures.

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