Wednesday, October 27

The PP reaches out to the Cortes groups: asks for a global agreement in defense of water

The proposed resolution that the party chaired by Carlos Mazon has sent to all parliamentary forces through its trustee, María José Catalá, urges the Cortes to adopt two agreements: one with demands addressed to the Government of Pedro Sánchez and a second with specific requests to the Consell de Ximo Puig. In the first case, the central executive is urged to “End water abuse” to the Valencian Community. It is required that the importance and benefits of irrigation be recognized throughout the autonomous territory, “abandoning any type of belligerence against it” and adopting balanced solutions between protecting the environment and meeting water demands for agriculture. This is something that happens through the incorporation of the provisions of the Alarcón Convention, as well as all those agreements reached with the Union of Users of Júcar to the hydrological planning currently under review. The PP considers it necessary for the Government to include the pending investments to complete the modernization of irrigation in the Júcar, which have been included in the Júcar hydrological plans since 1998, for their execution through the European Recovery and Resilience Funds. Another of the points that they consider vital, especially for the Alicante territory, is the approval of a declaration by which it is considered that the Tajo-Segura transfer is essential for the economy of the province of Alicante and other territories of the Spanish nation , having to maintain and reinforce the legal security derived from the memorandum of understanding signed on April 9, 2013 between the State Administration and five autonomous governments, including the Valencian Community. Regarding this strategic infrastructure, it is requested that the repeal of decree 638/2021, of July 27, which modifies the regulatory rules of the Tajo-Segura transfer, recovering their full validity those approved by Royal Decree 773/2014, until that the entry into force of the nuevo Hydrological Plan of the Tagus in process and said regulatory standards are agreed with the irrigators benefiting from the transfer and the Generalitat Valenciana, so that the current contributions would be maintained.

Another point emphasizes the need to consider the transfer Júcar-Vinalopó as an infrastructure of strategic importance for the Community, as well as the recognition of its necessary implementation in the shortest possible time to alleviate the unsustainability of the current situation, derived from the overexploitation of the Vinalopó aquifers, which must be corrected. Also, the elaboration of operating rules for its operation, with adjusted costs that can be charged, or claim the connection of the plant. Torrevieja desalination plant with the crevillent swamp, among others.

Better purification, avoid floods and climate change

The proposal that the PP extends to the rest of the parliamentary groups includes urging the Consell to develop and execute from EPSAR an Investment plan for the Community’s treatment plants to promote the regeneration of wastewater. Also, the implementation of a strategy to execute hydraulic and defense works against floods. Third, it is urged to implement the necessary water infrastructures to face the effects of global warming, respond to the declaration of a climate emergency, and minimize the impact of future possible torrential rains and avoid floods.

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