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The PP refuses to appoint a local police councilor in Badajoz

Anotnio Cavacasillas, from the PP, and Ignacio Gragera, mayor of Cs, on the steps of the City Hall in a file photo. / TODAY

The popular renounce another mayor to lead the delegations that the mayor withdrew from María José Solana, although she resigned in August

Rocio Romero

The PP officially communicated this Friday to the mayor, Ignacio Gragera, that he will not appoint any councilor at the head of the Local Police.

As reported TODAY on the 24th, the popular renounce this possibility included in the government pact. He does it to show his disagreement with the mayor’s decision to withdraw all powers from former PP councilor María José Solana in July. Gragera thus responded to the fact that the PP denied support for the salary agreement of the Local Police that she herself had negotiated.

From the PP they indicate that if only the Police could have removed it, but not the Water Inspection and Purchases and Contracting, as Gragera did.

The councilor resigned more than a month ago, but the party’s local coordinator, Antonio Cavacasillas, does not want another popular leader to lead these delegations now. So they will remain in the hands of the mayor. Cavacasillas considers that Gragera, “with his unilateral decision to withdraw Solana’s delegations, breached the government agreement.”

Solana, in addition to negotiating the increase of more than 6,000 euros per year for the agents, signed the overtime in the files presented by the superintendent, Rubén Muñoz, to claim the payment of 250,000 euros in court. Some of those overtime hours were done in exercises before Solana came to the force.

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Gutiérrez will organize the next Carnival

On the other hand, the PP assumes Fairs and Festivals for Francisco Javier Gutiérrez, but sets as a condition that “the conditions set forth by the PP at today’s meeting are met and that they imply all responsibility and decision-making capacity regarding the services and personnel that entails.”

This council was reserved for Citizens in the government pact that PP and Cs signed in 2019. They stipulated that each party would decide who would lead each area, without the mayor on duty (either Fragoso first or Gragera later) being able to interfere in the distribution .

Cs decided that Fairs and Festivals would fall to Councilor Lara Montero de Espinosa. She is she organized the 2020 carnival, which was the last big party before confinement and the pandemic. In 2021 it was not held and later it was discharged due to pregnancy first and maternity later.

This made the mayor rethink the delegation and cede this area to the PP during the fall. The councilor has already returned and directs other areas, such as Education or Commerce. But Gutiérrez has already organized the last Carnival and also Almossassa, as well as having started the meetings with the carnival people for 2023. Therefore, he will finally continue to lead the delegation until the next elections.

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