Thursday, January 20

The PP requests that Yolanda Díaz appear to clarify her trip to the Vatican in Falcon




Pressure is growing on the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, to clarify in Congress her trip to Rome last weekend and her meeting with the Pope at the Vatican. The PP registered yesterday an initiative so that the also Minister of Labor and leader of United We Can appear in the commission of the branch to clarify the most controversial aspects of that trip.

To begin with, why did he use an official aircraft, the famous Army Falcon, for an act that can be considered private and, consequently, in what capacity he attended, since its responsibilities do not include relations with the Holy See, which correspond to the Ministers of the Presidency and Foreign Affairs.

For this reason, the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, presented yesterday that request for the appearance of Yolanda Díaz to explain in parliamentary committee why she did not go to Rome on a regular flight and if she attended that appointment on behalf of the Government or in “Private audience”, as the Vatican itself called it. The popular also want to know by virtue of what competencies Díaz attended that meeting and, therefore, what topics were discussed in it.

In addition, the PP has registered a battery of questions similar to the one that Citizens (Cs) also presented yesterday about the most controversial details of Yolanda Díaz’s trip. Both opposition parties ask the Government why the second vice president was on an official plane and who organized that trip, in addition to the “economic and ecological” cost of the Falcon, as specified in the text of the popular ones.

The questions from PP and Cs also point out that Díaz lacks the powers to star in an official act with the Pope in the Vatican and they understand, consequently, that he should not have used an official plane to attend a private audience.

Díaz imitates Sánchez

Thus, the controversy that persecutes the President of the Government for using the Falcon plane and the Super Puma helicopter (both from the Army) already reaches the other part of the Executive, the same one that Yolanda Díaz herself leads. Unlike Pedro Sánchez, she had not yet used those public media to attend clearly partisan and even family appointments, such as attending party events, going to a concert with her partner and even her brother-in-law’s wedding

The president has not only done all that, but he even refuses to provide any information in this regard, despite the fact that the courts of Justice have already claimed it, as reported by ABC. And is that Díaz recently exposed Pedro Sánchez himself by immediately offering basic information about his Falcon trips to date, all of them within his agenda and his institutional position.

However, that of the Vatican is the first in which, by exceeding its official powers, it seems obvious that it is part of his political and personal campaign to lead the next candidacy in the electoral field of Podemos. And that is what has caused the reaction of the opposition, which sees how Díaz begins to imitate Sánchez in the use and abuse of public media for their partisan and private interests.

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