Monday, August 2

The PP signs the president of the toy employer’s association for its new executive

Toni Pérez, José Antonio Pastor, Carlos Mazón, María Gómez, Manuel Martínez Sirvent and Juan Francisco Pérez Llorca, yesterday.  |  INFORMATION

Toni Pérez, José Antonio Pastor, Carlos Mazón, María Gómez, Manuel Martínez Sirvent and Juan Francisco Pérez Llorca, yesterday. | INFORMATION

Carlos Mazon is going to leave a provincial PP with new faces and more closely linked to the project of Pablo Casado. That is the challenge that the president of the Alicante PP has set himself and for which he has initiated a restructuring of the executive that, from now on, will have the president of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, Jose Antonio Pastor, as a new signing. Before making the leap to the regional scene on July 3 at the regional congress to be held in Valencia, the Alicante leader has begun the provincial organic remodeling that he had in mind for months.

Once he has confirmed that he is the only candidate to preside over the PPCV, he has decided to make known the identity of the people who will make up the new nucleus of the party, which will be led from next week by the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, and with whom he wants to implement Casado’s strategy of broadening the base. It is true that Mazón is already preparing his landing in Valencia, but first he has to leave the organized provincial structure and the first step he has taken has been to look for names with an economic profile that can serve as a stimulus. That is the objective of the signing of José Antonio Pastor, president of the national toy employer’s association, who is going to take charge of the area of ​​productive sectors to have direct contact with the economic fabric, and with his sights set, as stated from the PP, in which in the future it can be part of its electoral project.

The idea is that the business leader, from Onil, has a key role in the development of industrial policies and business development, given his knowledge of the productive fabric, especially in the north of the province, which is where the bulk of the sector is. This was announced on Wednesday by the popular in the provincial executive committee that took place this Wednesday afternoon in a well-known restaurant in Alicante, and where the lines of the future with which the party wants to generate new spaces of adhesion that can serve them were presented. when it comes to fighting to become the leading electoral force.

Although Mazón focuses on his regional organic position as of July, he will also continue to direct, even if by remote control, the future of the Alicante PP, for which he has decided to lay the foundations of a speech that is going to focus on supporting the productive sectors and educational and linguistic freedom. The sole candidate for the presidency of the PPCV convened this Wednesday the provincial executive committee, the last one that presided as the highest leader of the formation after winning the vast majority of the votes of the militancy in the primaries. The committee approved several changes in the organization chart and also addressed the various reports of the still provincial secretary, Toni Pérez, who will take control of the provincial ship next week, although the date of the board of directors has not yet been finalized.

In addition to the appointment of José Antonio Pastor, other organizational changes were approved. The mayor of Callosa de Segura, Manuel Martínez Sirvent, He will go from being the coordinator of the Vega Baja to assuming the secretariat of the area of ​​freedoms to address issues such as multilingualism or educational freedom. As they assured from the executive, Sirvent dominates the Vega Baja problem and has direct contact with the teaching staff. Your position as county coordinator will occupy Maria Gomez, Mayor of Almoradí and provincial deputy.

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