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The PP wants Carmela Silva, “pardoned” by the PSOE, to explain herself in an extraordinary plenary session and to resign




The PP will request this Thursday a extraordinary plenary session in the Provincial Council of Pontevedra so that «are clear the explanations »of its president, Carmela Silva, after ratifying the Supreme Court the sentences for the irregular hiring of his sister-in-law in the council of Vigo; and that Silva «present your resignation immediately»Both in the consistory, where Abel Caballero is deputy mayor and mayor, and in the provincial entity.

It should be remembered that it is not the first time that the PP squeezes Silva with this movement: Both in 2017 and 2019 they presented motions in the Diputación, but they were not included in no plenary session, reason why they did not get to debate. Where an extraordinary plenary session was held, also in 2019, was in the council of Vigo.

Silva, after presenting an unsuccessful appeal, did not attend, as already announced publicly the day before.

The popular provincial spokesman, Jorge Cubela, has been in charge of announcing this new step in the pressure of his party on Carmela Silva, a week after the Supreme Court ratified, with its sentence, the events that occurred in the so-called “sister-in-law case ». A plot for which a high official and a businessman have been convicted, when Vanesa Falque, Silva’s sister-in-law, was hired for a position she did not hold and for which she received more than 100,000 euros “of public money”, as recalled by the popular, who insist that, above all, there was a “political decision” for which there must be “political responsibilities”, those of Silva, to whom they again demand that he resign from his positions for “democratic decency”, has emphasized the popular spokesman in the Vigo council, Alfonso Marnotes.

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The PP promotes the extraordinary plenary session by “obligation”, “within its oversight and control work,” explained Cubela, who was also accompanied by deputies Marnotes and Elena Estévez. The Popular Party cannot do much more, beyond continuing to pressure Silva, who continues “a week later without giving explanations to the people of Vigo, Pontevedra and society as a whole”, amidst the “silence and parsimony of all charges socialists’. «They are laughing at their voters and at the citizens, they are laughing at one of the last cases that were more serious in Galicia “, has denounced Cubela.

Furthermore, the provincial spokesman has censured that not only are the entire municipal corporation silent, with the mayor, Abel Caballero, at the head, as well as in the party in the province, with David Regades at the head, but Silva she was “pardoned” by her party, the PSdeG (and in the presence, no less, than the national leader and Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, this Wednesday), «being named president of the Galician socialists», At the XIV Congress on the formation of the fist and the rose at the Galician level. Marnotes has emphasized that it must be the PP who demands that Silva assume responsibilities (resign), because “his party has made it very clear to us that it is not going to ask for them”, by placing it at the top of the new organization chart of the Galician PSOE , «laughing at all viguesesMarnotes has accused.

“Are they afraid?”

Cubela, who has insisted on rejecting that the existence of a plot that benefited Silva’s sister-in-law “without receiving any political order” may be due to a “coincidence”, has stressed that the ratification of the Supreme Court forces move to a new phase, now with a “firm sentence”, after the “respect for the presumption of innocence that could be had at the time». Anticipating possible excuses, he recalled that people who were not prosecuted “directly”, but were peppered with corrupt plots, have resigned in recent years.

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Marnotes has once again asked himself why the municipal government of Vigo “looks the other way” and if they “are afraid”, of what “the official may say when he goes to prison” and that “the truth is known, if it was on his own initiative ”, the hiring of Falque,“ or on the initiative of third parties ”.

As he recalled, the socialist municipal executive led by Abel Caballero neither “denounced the crimes”, nor “pursued them”, “did not even appear in the case”, nor has he “demanded the return of the money” defrauded in the judicial procedure . “It is unheard of, it is the only case of embezzlement of public funds, committed by an official, in which the administration that suffers the embezzlement, the victim of the crime, I do not be a person or accuse or ask for the return of the money», Has summarized.

Cubela took advantage of the appearance to recall that «in the last year we are seeing numerous cases“That put into question the honorability of the PSOE, from the sentence of two years in prison for prevarication for the ex-mayor of Bembrive, Roberto Ballesteros, to the” alleged plot that is being investigated for the sale of civil servants’ positions “, specifically, Local Police, in the Vigo council.

What the PP wants, in short, is that both in the city council of Vigo and its government team, as in the Diputación de Pontevedra, there are “honorable persons”, Cubela stressed, hence the repeated claim to Silva, who considers that he does not meet this requirement, to resign from his positions.

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