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The PP will appoint its new regional leader on July 16

Monago at the press conference in which he announced his goodbye to the presidency of the regional PP. / JM ROMERO

José Antonio Monago confirms that he will not stand for re-election as regional president of the party

The Extremadura PP will have a new leader in the region on July 16. The current president, José Antonio Monago, has announced that he will not stand for re-election as president after 14 years in office.

The regional board of directors of the popular Extremadurans will meet next Thursday, June 9, to set the date of the regional congress, which will take place on Saturday, July 16, in Badajoz.

Monago has indicated that he has made the decision for months not to appear, but he wanted to wait for the final date of the congress to be set to avoid a turbulent time in the party.

This is how we counted the appearance of Monago

As he has indicated, he will continue to be a senator by regional appointment, which implies that he will maintain his seat as a deputy in the Assembly of Extremadura. Monago explained that other regions allow the first position to be maintained without being part of the regional Parliament, but not so in Extremadura. Otherwise, he has stated that he would have considered giving up his seat.

In principle, he will be the one who defends his party’s position in the next debate on the state of the region, scheduled for July 14. In the event that it takes place after the 16th, the new regional directive must decide.

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The call comes after the mayor of Plasencia, Fernando Pizarro, announced yesterday that he will not present a candidacy for the party’s regional presidency. In principle, this leaves a free hand for María Guardiola, a councilor in the City Council of Cáceres, as a consensus name.

Monago has declined to offer an assessment on the possibility of a single list around Guardiola. “Fortunately, the PP has very good and experienced people in the two provinces,” he pointed out. But the party’s desire is for there to be a single candidacy, which would give an image of unity ahead of next year’s regional elections, in which the PP wants to present itself as an alternative government to the PSOE. An option that seems distant judging by the large absolute majority of the Socialists in the Assembly, but that can gain strength depending on issues such as the outcome of the upcoming Andalusian elections and the national outlook.

For her part, María Guardiola has refused to clarify whether she will present her candidacy for the regional congress until the official call is made, which will take place next Thursday.

thanks and forgiveness

The president of the regional PP has affirmed that in these 14 years “I have worked hard for our organization and for the people of Extremadura”, with more than a million kilometers traveled that have allowed him to get to know the region.

Monago recalled that on November 8, 2008 he became regional president, which allowed him to win the regional elections in 2011 and preside over the Junta de Extremadura, a historic achievement in a region that had always been governed by the PSOE and that “I am convinced that it will happen again.”

In his speech he thanked the militants and the voters, the party and the provincial leaderships. Also to the national board, of which he is a part, and especially to Alberto Núñez Feijóo for the trust placed in him. Likewise, he has had good words for the president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, and the president of the Assembly, Blanca Martín. And he has expressly left Miguel Celdrán, former mayor of Badajoz, from whom he has assured that he learned the values ​​of dedication, public service and honesty.

Finally, he has apologized if he has ever offended someone and has recognized that he had to make tough decisions, but that he did so with the good of Extremadura in mind.

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