Saturday, January 29

The PP “will fight” the “big lie” of the Budgets

The spokeswoman for the parliamentary group of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, said this Saturday that this training will “fight” the draft budgets for 2021 because it is A big lie” and it is the “final goodbye to a Spain that needs economic recovery and job creation” for the remainder of the term.

During the closing of the economic convention of the PP ‘Budgets for the crisis’ held in Malaga, Gamarra has justified the amendment to the entire PP to this project in that “it is not what Spain needs.”

He has argued that these accounts are “wet paper” because the macroeconomic scenario “it’s false“, by raising income that” are not true and are based on the ideological recipe that always fails Spanish society. ”

In the same sense, he has said that they are already “obsolete”, because the growth scenario or the unemployment rate reflected by the project will not take place, and has warned that European funds “will hardly be able to be processed and invested” 2021.

Budgets, he argued, they go “in the opposite direction” of what Spain needsthere is a line of “more deficit” that future generations will pay, Gamarra has warned, who has also criticized the increase in taxes because it is a policy that depresses consumption, penalizes savings, drives away investment and undermines competitiveness and employment creation.

The popular leader has assured that it is “the third time in the last quarter of a century” that the PSOE.

Regarding employment, he regretted that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, and the vice president, Pablo IglesiasPaul Church, give “for lost” the “battle” of employment, by raising 800,000 jobs for 2023, when the crisis derived from the pandemic has destroyed 700,000, for which he has reproached the chief executive for not having “not even the ambition to lift this country. ”

Gamarra has warned about the “parallel negotiation agenda” that follows these accounts because “Sánchez and Iglesias negotiate at other tables so that these budgets go forward.”

Specifically, it has referred to pardons of prisoners, reforms of the Penal Codel to reduce the penalties for certain crimes such as “indirect pardons”, bringing inmates to their homes, and the “attack” on Castilian as an official and vehicular language.

The PP parliamentary spokesperson has denounced that “instead of setting saving lives and preserving employment as priorities”, the Government has “ceased functions” in this crisis by passing responsibilities to the autonomous communities and is “focusing” on Another questions.

Has alluded tol “attack” on education, Spanish, freedom of the press and expression or the separation of powerss that supposes the reform of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ).

He has asked Sánchez to “stop lying” because “he lied to us – he pointed out – when he said that he would never negotiate with Bildu and he has sat down to negotiate budgets with them” and that he would not carry out assignments to Esquerra Republicana (ERC).

That they abandon the lie, but that they also abandon the censorship“, he has sued, and has indicated that European funds are subject to compliance with the rules of the rule of law and” that puts Sánchez in danger, “for which he has asked him to withdraw the initiative that puts Spain in the” crosshairs “, alluding to the plan against misinformation.

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