Monday, November 29

The PP will take measures to reprove Belarra: “It would have to be out of the Government since yesterday”

The spokesperson for the PP Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies, Cuca Gamarra.

The spokesperson for the PP Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies, Cuca gamarra, has affirmed this Saturday to Efe that the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Grass, “it would have to be there since yesterday outside of Government of Spain“for” accusing the judiciary of prevarication. “

Gamarra, after attending in Logroño the delivery of Medals of Merit of the Local Police of La Rioja, added that “a minister like Belarra, who directly accuses the judiciary, cannot sit in the Council of Ministers for another minute. to the Supreme Court, to commit a crime, “so the PP It will promote parliamentary measures to reject it.

Belarra published yesterday, the 22nd, a message on his Twitter in which he accused the Supreme Court of pressuring the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, to remove the seat from his partner in the Podemos formation Alberto Rodríguez; a message that closed with the word “prevarication”.

Given these words, the popular spokesperson has denounced “the institutional crisis in which a member of the Government has plunged the Executive with the judiciary”, since, “after the institutional conflict that occurred yesterday, what should have happened since minute one was the immediate dismissal of that member of the Government. ”

However, he continued, Belarra continues to hold the status of Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda “after not respecting the separation of powers or the law and questioning the judiciary and, therefore, the Administration of Justice in this country. “

“If a deputy from Podemos has kicked a police officer and has been convicted of it for an attack against authority by the Supreme Court, there is only one way: to abide by that sentence and execute it, not to urge all the different powers to rebel. of our rule of law and, in addition, to be generating this institutional crisis ”, he stressed.

Gamarra, national deputy for La Rioja, has stressed that “the problem is not a member of the Government, the problem is the president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, who allows it”; and, “today, in the Bulletin Official of the State (BOE) does not appear the cessation of a minister, that from yesterday would have to be already outside the Spanish Executive ”.

In addition, Gamarra has referred to that, “during the last hours, some members of the Government speak of the repeal of the labor reform and others are positioned against” and, “however, the Prime Minister does absolutely nothing to put order”.

“The problem is not that there is no order in an Executive, it is the legal insecurity, instability and uncertainty that this government is generating with so much contradiction and with so much internal struggle,” he concluded.

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