Monday, May 17

The PP yields in the Budget to appease the rebellion of Citizens in the middle of the pandemic

Barcala and two councilors of the PP, together with the deputy spokesman for Cs, José Luis Berenguer, yesterday.  |  INFORMATION

Barcala and two councilors of the PP, together with the deputy spokesman for Cs, José Luis Berenguer, yesterday. | INFORMATION

The threat of internal rebellion of Ciudadanos seems that it will not go further. At least for now. The PP was in charge this Friday of trying to appease the spirits of its government partner in the Alicante City Council. And he did it as it usually happens in these cases, with assignments. The mayor, Luis Barcala (PP), the councilor for the Treasury, Lidia López (PP), and the PP spokesperson and head of the Local Development Agency, Mari Carmen of Spain (PP), met on Friday urgently with the deputy spokesperson for Ciudadanos, José Luis Berenguer, to redirect the relations between the two partners, which during the internal negotiation of the draft Budget had friction to such an extent that the oranges had boycotted the start of the talks between the government team and the four opposition groups. After not attending any of those appointments, which were held this Wednesday and Thursday, Ciudadanos announced its intention to meet with the left and Vox for its part, outside the PP, as the draft of the bipartite was not yet agreed upon within the bipartisan the municipal accounts for next year.

Still, it seems that the blood will not reach the river in the end. Or that is believed in both partners after yesterday’s meeting, in which they smoothed out rough edges on matters related to culture, industrial estates and investments in Alicante neighborhoods, among others. There was also talk, according to internal sources, of tax cuts, bonuses in the face of the covid crisis and the increase in social spending.

However, Ciudadanos wants facts, not just words. So he will wait – or so he says – to see his demands black on white in the draft Budgets before participating in the meetings between his government partner and the opposition, which were presumably going to be resumed next Tuesday, with a second round of conversations with the PSOE, United We Can, Compromís and Vox.

The clash between the PP and Ciudadanos, which led the oranges to disengage from the initial conversations with the opposition, yesterday caused movements abroad that with the aim of trying to offer an image of normality among the partners ended up showing nervousness in the environment of the popular. In fact, for the first time, the Press Office sent a communiqué of a meeting between the PP and Ciudadanos to draft the accounts. Never seen these weeks. Until now, no meeting of those held had been publicly reported. And not only was the mayoral appointment communicated, but a photo, video and a brief text with a paragraph that clashed head-on with the attitude shown by the bipartisan in recent days was sent, with the orange boycott of negotiations with the opposition and, in addition, announcement of conversations outside the PP. “In the meeting the good harmony between the two political forces that run the Alicante City Council was revealed”, was included in the note sent this Friday.


From the opposition, the four formations asked the municipal government for responsibility, remembering that they are not dates for internal problems, as they are immersed in the second wave of a pandemic so damaging in health, social and economic terms. The socialist Francesc Sanguino pointed out that “the only possible result is chaos when a team does not command anything and the other commands too much.” The purple Xavier López (United We Can) regretted that “personal egos and party interests are going to delay” the approval of the accounts. In Compromís, Natxo Bellido demanded from the bipartisan “seriousness and stability” for the negotiation “, while, from Vox, Mario Ortolá claimed heightened vision:” Barcala is more concerned with politically asphyxiating Citizens than leading a government. ”

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