Wednesday, September 28

The PPCV calls the Generalitat’s budget an “accounting fantasy”

Insult to intelligence. Lack of seriousness. It goes from engineering to accounting fantasy. Those are some of the qualifiers that the general secretary of the PPCV has used today, Maria Jose Catalá, to qualify the budget project presented by the regional government. Accounts that, as he has said, reduce social spending and investments and, moreover, trust everything to European funds. All this after the “sainete” of the tripartite to square some numbers that, in addition, have reached the force of the deadline set by the Statute of Autonomy. That is why Catalá has questioned that the delay in the presentation of the project was justified, if “in the end they hit three hammers on the papers to invent the accounts.” According to the trustee, the execution of the investments of the 2021 budgets is 32% as of today, which means that the rest will not be fulfilled, which is why it has questioned the investments committed in the 2022 budget such as those that come from European funds.

For Català, “the big losers” with these accounts are the Valencians because the rates are raised but not the aid for energy poverty, money is contributed to identify victims of the Civil War but less is contributed to the investigation of rare diseases, and issues such as dependency or the Valencian inclusion income fell by 15% and 8% respectively. The items for social infrastructures also fell by 9.6% while the personnel expense of the Oltra Department increased by 339%; Education loses weight and there is no money for the reform of the financing of universities, he stressed.

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The popular have appeared a day after the approval of the accounts by the Consell to justify their opposition to the budget project. However, they have partially agreed with one of the most controversial points of the accounts, such as the inclusion of a claim of 1,000 million euros to compensate for the disappearance of the state covid fund. The regional president, Carlos Mazón, has said that since its formation “they claim that said item be vindicated” to compensate the economic effort to face the extraordinary expenses of the pandemic, as the Government of Andalusia has done. However, he has considered that both cases cannot be compared because the Board led by Juan Manuel Moreno (PP) claims those funds after presenting a budget with a surplus and, in addition, lowering taxes. However, the leader of the main opposition party in the Community has labeled the accounts presented by the Valencian coalition as a project based on “invented” figures that lead the Generalitat to continue increasing its public debt to levels that in any company would be classified as “technical bankruptcy”.

Regarding the claims included by the Botànic, those of 1,336 million euros for the under-financing and that of 1,000 million euros for the covid fund, Catalá has considered that they will not arrive because they are not agreed with the Government, which is, precisely what he believes should have been done between two executives, the central and the autonomous, of the same political color. Even so, and despite the fact that the same has been done in Andalusia, Mazón has asserted that he “would not have put on the table income that I am not sure that will come in.” Along these lines, Deputy Rubén Ibáñez has calculated that the budgets also include another 3,000 million euros of fictitious “cover” income.

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Mazón has wondered why if the Generalitat contemplates an increase in GDP of 6.3% for next year, taxes on low incomes will not be lowered. The popular has said that he does not expect the tax reform proposed by his party to be applied as a whole, but has stressed that, at least, those with less income should benefit. In addition, he has ensured that spending on Health is the “lowest in the history” of the Community despite continuing in a pandemic situation, and has criticized the contemplation of a 2% salary increase for senior positions and advisers . “Spending rises 9% with a fictitious budget, but Administration spending increases 17% in the public sector,” he criticized. On the contrary, the PP has already said that it renounces that 2% increase in the salary of deputies and advisers of the Alicante Provincial Council and assumes the commitment to lower taxes with priority for the lowest incomes, halve the advisers and public officials and not to exceed the number of ten ministries in the event that it reaches the regional government.

The regional president has announced that the parliamentary group will present an amendment to the totality of the budgets although they are aware that it will not prosper since the three groups that support the Botànic have a majority in the Chamber. Even so, it will be presented for “justice and coherence”, has qualified Catalá, who has said that they will also work to unite amendments together with Citizens.

The also president of the Alicante Provincial Council has asserted that he is still waiting to hold a meeting with the head of the Consell, Ximo Puig, to discuss the possibility of presenting joint amendments to the General State Budgets, which “ignore” the Community. Mazón has said that “time is running out” and has detailed that 150 amendments will be presented and that they hope to be able to negotiate them with the rest of the political forces “to see if it is true that they are putting the Community ahead.”

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