Sunday, December 5

The president of Nicaragua points out that the country decides between peace or terrorism

Daniel Ortega say what Nicaragua choose between peace or terrorism promoted by the opposition. The president of the country has delivered his unusual speech in the middle of the voting, after having gone to the polls with his wife. The president hopes to be reelected for the fifth time after three opposition parties have been eliminated, seven candidates for the presidency have been jailed and two candidates remain in exile due to arrest warrants against them.

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua, has stated: “Although they dress as they dress, they are demons who do not want peace, they do not want tranquility for our country.”

Election day has passed calmly and with a low turnout of voters during the first 7 hours, in contrast to the forecasts of the ruling Sandinista Front, which predicted a massive vote.

Francisco Silva, a supporter of the FSLN, has pointed out: “It is a totally clean process, it is a process that, as the Sandinista national liberation front has shown since its inception in 1979, that we are democratic.”

More than 4.4 million Nicaraguans are summoned. However, the opposition has advised against voting. The Nicaraguans in exile who participate in mobilizations like this one in different countries and the Asociación Madres de Abril, which brings together relatives of the victims of the social outbreak of 2018, consider that the vote would legitimize Ortega in power. Aura Lila is one of those mothers who lost her son 3 years ago.

Aura Lila López, mother of Junior Gaitán has said: “From here, my house, no one is going to vote, no one is going to vote because we do not agree on those votes, it is a circus”

Like the local opposition, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union They have expressed their doubts about the legitimacy of these elections, because they have not found guarantees of transparency.

Opponents are using the hashtags #YoNoBotoMiVoto, #YoNoVoto or #NicaraguaNoVota, among others, with which they urge Nicaraguans not to leave their homes, keep the doors closed and the streets empty, because they consider that “there is no one for whom to vote “and that the process is a” sham “.

“There is the vote, the vote does not kill anyone, the vote does not cause any injury to any person, the vote does not call for terrorism, war, never, the vote does not call for roadblocks in the country and for it to be paralyzed the economy, and that families are destroyed, the vote does not call for public torture “criticized Ortega.

In his message, the president recalled the violent scenes of the 2018 anti-government demonstrations and insisted on blaming the United States, a country that he thanked minutes later for donating vaccines against covid-19.

Ortega resorted to the seizure of the United States Capitol last January to defend the electoral process of Nicaragua, criticized for the imprisonment of seven candidates for the Presidency by the opposition, the cancellation of three opposition parties, and the repeal of electoral observation.

“There in the United States that process is open, and they have as much right to open processes against terrorists, as Nicaraguans have the right to open processes against terrorists, because they were conspiring, because they did not want these elections to be held that have been held on today“he insisted.

The president affirmed that Nicaragua has been committed to voting since 1984, since since then the country has held 49 electoral processes, including presidential, municipal and regional, in which president, vice president, departmental and national deputies are elected, as well as for the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), mayors, vice mayors and councilors, as well as autonomous authorities of the Caribbean.

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