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The pressure from the covid forces public hospitals to operate only in cases of vital emergency

Transfer of a patient to the emergency room of a hospital in the province.

Transfer of a patient to the emergency room of a hospital in the province.

“We only operate very urgent things, such as intestinal occlusions or cesarean sections. Everything else is impossible. We have all the operating rooms occupied by coronavirus patients. These words from a doctor in the province summarize the situation in hospitals due to the great pressure they endure from the coronavirus.

The increase in critically ill patients has forced to occupy the areas of Anesthesiology, including operating rooms, to ensure that patients receive intensive care and have a respirator. Thus, the ability to operate has been practically reduced to those cases in which the patient’s life is at risk if it is not operated immediately. This has been conformed by several public hospitals in the province, which indicate that the rest of the operations less urgent are being referred to private clinics. Along the way, interventions are being left, for example Cancer, which are being postponed, to the anguish of the patients, except in cases where there is a serious risk to the life of the patient.

The good news is that the hospital pressure begins to give a truce, according to the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, yesterday in an appearance before the media to report on the evolution of the pandemic. «Healthcare pressure is falling and in ICUs it is the second day with a decrease in patients», Said the councilor. With these data in hand, Barceló hopes that “we are faced with a plateau that lasts for several days and from then on it begins to decline little by little.” Barceló recalled the trend of this pandemic, which “It is to go up very fast and to descend very little by little.” At the moment, according to the data provided by Health, 71.5% of the hospital beds in the Community are occupied, both by covid patients and by patients with other pathologies. In Intensive Care Units, occupancy is slightly higher, with about 80% of the critical beds occupied. Faced with this situation, the Minister of Health said yesterday that there is still room to continue entering and rules out that patients will be referred to other neighboring autonomies. As for private clinics, in this third wave, nearly 900 patients from the entire Valencian Community have been sent. In the province of Alicante, and according to data from last week, there were 235 patients referred from public hospitals to private centers.

Recent image of an Intensive Care Unit, full of patients. | AXEL ÁLVAREZ

In the province of Alicante there were hospitalized 1,718 people due to coronavirus, 114 fewer than the previous day. In the Intensive Care Units there were two fewer patients admitted for covid, up to a total of 242.

This general reduction is being transferred to health centers such as the General Hospital of Alicante, where in one week the number of hospitalized patients has fallen by fifty people. Yesterday there was in plant 236 patients with covid and 67 in intensive areas, figure that remains stable.

In the neighboring hospital of Sant Joan, 167 patients with coronavirus remained hospitalized in the plant and 34 in critical areas, a number that continues to grow. The health center has already occupied all its operating rooms with covid patients and has transferred the few interventions that remain to the ophthalmology operating room.

The healthcare pressure at the Marina Baixa Regional Hospital has also begun to soften in recent days, where it has gone from having about 130 patients hospitalized for coronavirus in the plant to 96 that the center had yesterday. This was confirmed by health sources, who pointed out that the decrease in the number of new cases diagnosed in recent days seems to be beginning to be noticed, too, on the demand for income in the center itself, although it will still take a few days until it is can confirm this trend. The same is not the case, however, with regard to the Intensive Care Unit, where 19 covid patients had been admitted yesterday. The figure, therefore, continues to be very high, although there would still be five beds available for critically ill patients with Covid-19, in addition to the eight for critical patients due to other pathologies that were enabled days ago in the operating room area.

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