Friday, October 15

The price of the Barça elections

  • The campaigns of the candidates for the presidential box cost between 250,000 and one million euros
  • Those who pass the cut agree to guarantee 124 million, 15% of the budget, if they win
  • “We will all suffer to get the signatures”, recognizes Farré
  • Pere Riera, the only one of the nine candidates who has not asked to collect or the free forms

Ferran estrada It is a classic of the Barça elections. With his ‘barretina’ and trumpet (which he switched to the accordion when he entertained the meals at the Barceloneta) he has appeared at all Barça elections since the ‘Núñez era’ providing a picturesque touch: in 2003 he achieved 5 signatures, in 2006 (in which Joan Laporta was the only one who passed the cut) 14, 18 in 2010 and 11 in 2015. Despite his advanced age, 87 years old, he will go this Wednesday to collect the free ballots provided by the club (twice the number needed to pass the cut, this year 4,500), figure from which they have to be paid. Who seems to be missing is one of the nine candidates, Pere Riera, which, unlike the other eight, has not participated in technical meetings with the club or contacted the Barça entity to find the forms.

Riera was not seen, neither the joking point of Estrada nor the human and economic resources of the others (he has fired his communication team, which accuses him of not having received the work done). The rest of the applicants will be spent between 250,000 and about one million euros in the campaign, which as of this Wednesday is no longer free. Those who want more than 4,500 ballots have to pay them and, those who pass the signature cut, will assume on January 14 the commitment to go to the League with a guarantee made by a bank of 15% of the budget (124 million) . The only one who shouldn’t deposit it would be Xavi Vilajoana, having been part of the outgoing joint.

Pay the season tickets

Joan Laporta will collect 60,000 ballots on Wednesday, Benedito 35,000, Victor Fuente 32,009, Jordi Farré and Vilajoana 30,000 each, Emili Rousaud and Toni Freixa 25,000 and Luis Fernández Allah, 14,514. From then until January 11 they will have time to collect 2,257 supports, with the added complication of Christmas dates and the covid restrictions.

It may interest you

“We will all suffer to get the signatures,” Farré has acknowledged. To gather support in a complex environment, the trickle of electoral promises does not stop. Farré, who assured that 800,000 euros would be spent on the campaign and promised pizzas and tattoos to whoever gave his signature, explained that they are working to sign Neymar “as a way of getting Messi excited to stay.”

The candidate explained that in case of winning, he would propose that the club’s sponsor be the Catalunya brand, so they would speak with the Generalitat and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and would promote the Barça brand. He has also taken the opportunity to respond to Victor Font, that on Monday in the program ‘La Sotana’, he tried to dispel doubts about Xavi’s arrival on Monday by promising that If he won and the former captain did not arrive, he would pay the subscriptions of all the partners. “I don’t know what these cracks bring us. It is probably because he is not going to win, “Farré replied.

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