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The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, accused of plagiarizing his doctoral thesis by 96%

Correspondent in Berlin



The usually quiet life of Luxembourg, a country of just over 600,000 inhabitants who mostly live in a rural environment, was altered yesterday by an information published by the digital newspaper ‘’ in which the prime minister is accused of plagiarism, the liberal Xavier Bettel. After a thorough analysis of his doctoral thesis, a work defended in 1999 on possible reforms of the electoral system for the European Parliament, this media outlet has come to the conclusion that in 54 of its 56 pages there are texts by other authors that do not appear cited correctly, leading to the headline “96% plagiarism.” Bettel, surprised by the information, responded yesterday to the accusations without rejecting them outright: “From today’s perspective, I see that it should have been done differently, perhaps it should have been done differently,” he admitted in statements to the German Press Agency. . In your defense, recalled that he wrote the thesis more than twenty years ago as part of a postgraduate course at the University of Nancy, in France. “As far as I can remember, I did this to the best of my knowledge,” he noted of his own work.

The harsh article reports that the doctoral thesis contained about 20 pages simply Copied from the website of the European Parliament. Bettel did her “Diplôme d’études approfondies” (DEA) in 1999 at the Université de Nancy, where she studied Law and Political Science, and her thesis supervisor or “Directeur de mémoire” was Etienne Criqui, who is cited in the Information and statements did not have the technical means to verify plagiarism in those days, but they could not exclude plagiarism. He confirmed that, warned by the magazine, he has been commissioned to open an investigation into the matter. At that time, Bettel was the national president of the Democratic Party (DP) and in the elections of that same year he was elected as a member of the Chamber of Deputies and as a councilor of the Luxembourg City Council.

The State Ministry yesterday sent an email to Reporter explaining that the prime minister could not respond to the accusations dating back twenty years without knowing the magazine’s investigation procedure. “What matters is how much citizens value the honesty and scientific rigor of politicians,” Reporter justifies his information, quoting the prime minister himself in an interview he gave to the German magazine Die Zeit: “I cannot bear dishonesty. If I feel that someone is trying to achieve something through deception, I cannot forgive.

Faced with numerous requests for a response to this information, Bettel reacted with a written statement in which she stated that “my memory is that I wrote this article with the best of my knowledge and belief… Today I recognize that maybe I should have done it differently». He also assured that he has full confidence in the University of Nancy to judge whether the work in question meets the criteria of the time in the realization of doctoral thesis works. “If that is not the case, of course I will accept the decision made by the University,” he nodded.

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